Hanson Dartey resigns from NPP



The Youth Organizer Diaspora of the governing New Patriotic Party – Spain Branch, Hanson Dartey, has tendered his resignation from the party, effective immediately.

In a press statement, he extended his sincere apologies for the abrupt nature of this decision. He also humbly requested the acceptance of his resignation from the position of NPP Spain Branch Youth Organizer.

Why resign?.

Explaining the reasons his resignation in the statement, he said the party, in his view, had deviated from its core values and had succumbed to greed and corruption.

He claimed that the values that initially drew him to the party, such as the commitment to fight corruption and contribute to the development of the country, are no longer evident.

“The party has adopted an individualistic approach, with leaders prioritizing personal interests over group interests. This departure from the principles embodied by leaders such as Dr. Busia, J.B Danquah, Da Rocha, and J.H Mensah, whom I admired, is disheartening,” he said in the statement.

As a result, Mr Hanson Dartey found it necessary to step down from his position with immediate effect.

“I do so with a heavy heart but with the conviction that my allegiance should align with a party that upholds the ideals of integrity, collective progress, and service to the nation,” the statement indicated.

He further expressed his gratitude to all party members and colleagues for the camaraderie and support throughout his tenure. He remained open to discussions and hope for a renewed commitment to the values that define the NPP.


Before assuming the role of Youth Organizer, he served diligently as the Secretary to the Barcelona Chapter and played a pivotal role in establishing the branch.

Having been an active member since 1996, he contributed significantly as a polling station agent at Sunyani West Constituency (Nsoatre R/C Primary Polling Station) from 1996 to 2004.

Over the years, my commitment led me to bring my extended family from the NDC to the New Patriotic Party. Currently, my two biological brothers serve as Coordinator and Polling station agent at Sunyani West Constituency.

In the 2016 elections, he provided motorcycles for the Sunyani West campaign and sponsored 21 individuals to cast their votes at Dormaa West Constituency (Nkrankwanta).

Notably, during the 2004 general election, he prevented a ghost voter from casting a ballot at Sunyani West (Nsoatre R/C Primary). This incident led to a clash with the then leading member of the NDC in the Brong Ahafo Region, Nyamkye Maafo, who was a Regional Minister. The incident was extensively covered by the print media the following day.

Below is the resignation letter…….

The Director of International Affairs

Hanson Dartey
N.P.P Spain Branch
Youth Organizer Diaspora




It is with great regret that I give notice of my resignation from the New Patriotic Party (NPP), effective,immediately. I apologize for not being able to give you more time and notice. I humble ask that you accept my resignation from position of New Patriotic
Party (NPP), Spain Branch Youth Organizer.

Before l became a branch Youth Organizer, I first served as Secretary to Barcelona Chapter
and also formed part of the branch establishment.

I had been an active member of the New Patriotic Party and had served as polling
station agent at Sunyani West Constituency (Nsoatre R/C Primary Polling Station ), 1996 -2004.

Since joining the party somewhere in 1996, I had been able to bring all my extended family from NDC to New Patriotic Party. Currently, I have two biological brothers who are serving as Coordinator and Polling station agent at Sunyani West Constituency. In 2016, I provided motorcycles for Sunyani West campaign and also sponsored 21
people to cast their votes at Dormaa West Constituency (Nkrankwanta).
During 2004 general election, I was the polling station agent who prevented a ghost voter from voting at Sunyani West (Nsoatre R/C Primary) and as a result, clashed with then leading member of NDC in the then Brong Ahafo Region Hon, Nyamkye Maafo, who was a Regional Minister.

This story was reported by print media the following day.
I can,t resign without letting party leaders know what has led to this unfortunate
decision. I am resigning because the party has failed the Ghanaian people and had
become greedy and corrupt people.

The values that drove me to the party such as
fighting corruption and developing the country are no longer there. The party has
become individualist, and leaders only think about their personal interest and ignore
the group interest. This can,t be a party of Dr Busia, J.B Danquah, Da Rocha and JH
Mensah that I fell love into.
My resignation takes effect immediately

Yours Sincerely

Hanson Dartey

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