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Agyapa Royalties Is A Sakawa Thing Ignore Paul Adom Otchere’s Misleading Agyapa Royalties Presentation – Gallant Cadres of NDC



There is no transparency in the AGYAPA Royalties deal, especially as it involves tax haven. Many agents of the npp government have been trying to deceive the public to believe in the government’s bad deal.

The Off Shore Company, a tax haven, is in UK and not in United States. The minimum $500 million that the Agyapa is working out for Ghana can be mobilized through royalties payment in less than 3 year so why the 15 years?

From 2016 – 2019 (4 years), over $520 million royalties from mining companies operating large-scale mining companies in Ghana have been paid to this NPP government amidst comparatively lower gold price.

The Agyapa is completely undervalued, considering the present gains from our royalties and the future forecasted metal prices Now the gold price is far higher than the previous years and the royalties will increase spontaneously from this year.
If Agyapa is 100% owned by the government, why did they register it as a private company at the tax haven in UK, represented by certain subscribers but the government is refusing to declare the names of the board of directors of the government-owned company in Ghana. If the government wanted transparency in the deal, why did they handpicked few family and friends to steer affairs in terms of management and consulting but refused to advertise to involve other qualified people?

Could the government tell Ghanaians why y do we urgently need the $500 million in the first place? The government should tell Ghanaians how it used the $520 million gained from mineral royalties under this administration before asking for extra “urgent” $500 million.

Mr Richard Ashley, Chairman
Mr Gabriel Yoa Asare Secretary
Richard E A Sarpong, Father Casford, the PRO and Conveynor

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