Akrofuom DCE Woos Natives in diaspora to invest in the District



Dr Maurice Jonas Woode, The District Chief Executive (DCE) for Akrofuom in the Ashanti Region has urged citizens of Akrofuom living in the diaspora, especially United Kingdom and Ireland to take advantage of the numerous opportunities outside the Country and invest in the district.

Speaking as a special guest at the official launch of the UK and Ireland branch of the Akrofuom Citizens Association in London, the DCE explained that, Akrofuom as a District has received its fair share of developmental projects since he became the DCE, and for that matter, the district is now opened for investments.

He stated that, in terms of development the district has witnessed improvement in Education, Commerce, Health, Roads and Telecommunication.
The DCE assured the natives of Akrofuom of his commitment in taken steps to ensure that their investments are well protected, as he is determined to liaise with the traditional authorities to ensure that they will have access to litigation free land to invest on.
Dr. Woode disclosed that, the District Assembly is in the process of building modern market to add up to the existing 40 lockable stores and 72 sheds at Akrofuom, and promised to reserve some of the shops for residents in the diaspora who would want to invest in Akrofuom.
He took the opportunity to expressed his profound gratitude to the Akrofuom Citizens Association in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland for their tremendous support back home in the past three years of the Association’s existence, says their supports is across various sectors of the economy including Education, Sanitation and Health.
He seize the opportunity to commended the members of the noble Association for their support back home, by teeming up with their colleagues in the United States of America (USA) to give facelift to the Methodist JHS and the Roman Catholic Primary school at Akrofuom which he said the residents remains grateful to them.
Mr Clement Adjei, the Chairman of the Association lauded the Members for their continuous support to the Association and urged them to be good ambassadors of the group to attract new members to join.
He called on natives of Akrofuom based in the UK and Ireland to join the Association to enable them contribute significantly to the development of Akrofuom, as the Association supports healthcare delivery at Akrofuom
He disclosed that, the Association also supported Winnifred Bosompim, an indigene to take temperature, BP readings, sugar levels of residents in their homes and durbar grounds..
According to him, Winnifred has recently been supported by the Association to undergo professional training in health care delivery by giving her report to the Association about the success of the intervention, the rationale behind the Programme she said was to imbibe in the people the culture of proactive health measures rather than reactive measures.
Madam Bosompim stated that, Glucometers and BP monitoring machines were given out to churches to help actualize the purpose of a healthy living, not leaving behind the Akrofuom
She said as at January 2024, they have reached out to over 3,100 people who had willingly offered themselves to be checked and diagnosed, says out of those persons, about 948 persons representing approximately 31% have had abnormal cases from their check-ups.
According to her, about Nine Hundred and Forty-eight (948) persons whose cases were abnormal, Three Hundred and two 302 representing 32% were between the ages of 60 and 85, 136 representing 14% were between the ages of 50 and 59, and the remaining 510 people which represents 54% were either 49 or below.
She expressed the view that, they can now pride themselves with an achievement of 3 people who were all bedridden of stroke bouncing back to their feet, through their constant regular monitoring and education.
The official launch of the Association saw Nana Abenaa Durowaa I, Queenmother of Akrofuom, while Dr. Maurice Jonas Woode and Winnifred Bosompim were given certificate of recognition by the Association for their immense contributions towards the activities of the Akrofuom Citizens Association.

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