By: David Amoateng-Kumasi

The Independent Presidential Hopeful in the coming 2024 Presidential election, Mr Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng has vowed to deal with any unsrupulous element in the nation’s political platform who may intend to use abusive adjectives to attack and condemn his ambition of coming out with Movement for Change_ a new political party in the country.
Mr Kyeremateng said, “timidity of a tiger is not the sign of his gentility” explaining that, if the ruling New Patrotic Party (NPP) and the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) dare not advise themselves and partioned that Alan Kyeremateng is of no good use to set up political party, rained insults and attacks, it is in this situation they will tried him.
Inaugurating Ashanti Regional Branch of Movement for Change to capture power in the general election, the Presidential Hopeful was on the view that, his party would come out with a policy called 3’i+T.
He said the first policy is industrialization, dive deeply into it, Mr Kyeremateng pointed out electricity, water and Telecommunication as the party’s major economic agenda to help build the twenty-four hours economy raised by opposition NDC Leader John Mahama.
He said infrastructural development will be the next backbone, throwing more light into it, Movement for Change leader told if access roads, railways, airlines are all not comprehensively to support the economy as well as Information Technology (IT) and Tourism, it would be difficult to develop at fast pace as a Nation.
Mr Kwadwo Kyeremateng who had resigned from the ruling NPP, commenting on both NPP and NDC, he emphatically observed that both have made Ghana’s economy shattered since thirty-two (32) years inception of power in the Ghana’s Democratic dispensation.
He expressed worried that, the mindset including character and behavior coupled with discipline output among the citizenry must change at one’s and this can be achievable of electorates voted into Movement for Change Political party in the 2024 general elections.
He said, “Ghana is beyond manifesto” pushing this vision to the platform of the youth, farmers, Pastors and workers in the country, Mr Kyeremateng believed in the implementation of union government so as to move the Nation forward.

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