Alan’s Resignation;The Dynamics: Dr. Lawrence writes



Alan has resigned from the NPP. Now what? So far, we know Alan is never going back to the NPP; The Akyem mafia has messed up the NPP; The NPP is now made up of a dangerous criminal cabal; Alan didn’t break the NPP, the NPP was already broken. (NPP agu)

Alan knows he is not going to win the 2024 elections, so why did he form a movement? This is what some low-thinking NPP talkers don’t know. The dynamics is in the details.

The NPP will be having their parliamentary elections in December 2023. By that time, Alan would have established himself as a better independent candidate. Most of the MPs who would find themselves cheated diabolically will end up in Alan’s camp,. That is one scenario.

Would the other seven contestants secretly fund Alan’s movement? They may do it if they still think the establishment is not the solution to Ghana’s problems. What about those who joined Ken and Bawumiah after Alan opted out of the contest? Will they remain in the NPP but fund a presidential candidate who is not an NPP?

They may do so if they still think the establishment is not a winning candidate. Those who have openly declared for Alan may not be many on the surface but those in the dark is what the NPP should fear, because they don’t know them.

Another unknown is the reaction of Ken Agyapong if he loses on November 4. Will he form his “aboro” party or will he stay in the NPP and piss in? By now the NPP should know that Ken has a large following and his lost will matter in 2024. His showdown message is still active.

In Ghana, the only party that hold elections and there is drama is the NPP. They held elections with only 900 super delegates and some executives were beaten, one contestant declared a showdown; another contestant pulled out of the race and yet another one (the Ashanti faction) has resigned from the party. With all these, you sit there and think they can fix the economy? You dey joke

The reason I know NPP will be in opposition for long is that all the problems that caused their party to be divided and disorganized started long ago and they looked on helpless as the problems kept coming. It is like a headless party without any direction and vision. Those are characteristics of a useless party.

If Alan is able to handle his resignation well (which I doubt), he may get a good number of the silent NPPs to his side on Election Day and that will make him a force in 2028. All things being equal for him, his name will be more relevant in 2028 than Dr. Bawumiah and Nana Akufo-Addo.

The day NPP will go to opposition, that is the day they will realize how much damage Nana Addo has done to their political party.
Mahama reba

Dr. Lawrence is the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement in USA.

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