Alot of marriages would’ve been broken without side chicks -Expert



Nigerian popular relationship coach Blessing Okoro, fondly called Blessing CEO has shared her stance on what makes marriages last.

The relationship blogger said in a recent interview that many marriages that seem to be successful today are that way because of side chicks.

She noted that without side chicks, many new-age marriages would’ve crashed because of the insatiable desires of men who desert to their side chicks when not well satisfied by their wives or as an escape from their marital homes.

She also shared that if side chicks didn’t exist, many men might not even get married at all and would instead just have baby mamas.

In a widely circulated interview on Friday, she boldly expressed her belief that side chicks play an important role in maintaining the stability of numerous marriages.

Blessing CEO argued that if married men didn’t have the option of engaging with side chicks when their wives were emotionally unavailable, many men would choose to abandon their marriages.

her words;
“Without side chicks, a lot of marriages will be broken today. That is one reality that we would face because a lot of these married women cannot satisfy their husbands. It might not even be sexually.

“Men are adventurous by nature.

Sometimes when a woman is pregnant, a lot of things are happening to her: she is not in the mood, she’s busy. And the man is out there. The side chick does the work. If there’s no side chick to play that role, men will walk away from marriage” she said.

Her claim, however, sparked mixed reactions as many ridiculed her for promoting infidelity while few agreed with her school of thought.

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