Another casualty recorded amid chieftaincy dispute at Nkwanta



Another person has been shot dead at Nkwanta in the Oti Region. The area has been reported to be the hotbed of disturbances in the last few weeks prompting a curfew in the area.

At least 12 persons have been killed in the disturbances believed to be land and chieftaincy related.

The fresh hostilities come just days after the Chairman of the Municipal Security Council, Bright Lenwah announced plans to tighten security following what he says are the fresh twist in the conflict.

Speaking to JoyNews’ Peter Senoo, Mr Lenwah said investigations have uncovered that the dispute is spreading to neighbouring communities.

“About two months ago, there were some clashes between some ethnic groups in and around Nkwanta since then these issues keep reoccuring.

“Originally it was happening in the town but due to the heavy deployment of security, the situation has taken a new dimension. Now it is happening in nearby villages and communities,” he said.

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