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Aowin MCE grabs most innovative MCE of the year award

Hon.Samuel Adu Gyamfi, Municipal Chief Executive for Aowin Municipal Assembly in the Western North Region has been adjuged most innovative MCE of the year under President Nana Addo’s administration.
AND ADMINISTRATION” [BORGCA] and the selection committee of the “PAN AFRICAN REPUBLIC HONORARY AWARDS”based on their assessment has Adjuged Mr.Samuel Adu Gyamfi as the most innovative MCE of the year under his Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo’s Administration
He was nominated , invited and congratulated for the  prestigious award at the ‘PAN-AFRICAN REPUBLIC HONORARY AWARDS’ last Saturday at the Accra International Conference Centre as a significant productive contributor to the economy and socio-communal development of Ghana.
Speaking at the event,Mr.Isaac Rockson ,CEO of Pan African Heroes Foundation indicated that his  profound dedication, commitment and relentless devotion to be fair, free and firm in balanced decision making to direct control and manage governance affairs have earned him this honour.
According to him,Careful considerations on all nominations, background checks and relative research have been diligently conducted to acknowledge all dignitaries in their order of achievements and excellence.
Adding ,Mr. Samuel Adu Gyamfi’s cumulative tireless efforts coupled with his decision and commitment to
serve Ghana cannot be underestimated.
” Your service and sacrifice have in
diverse ways, directly or indirectly jointly influenced the economy of Ghana and
the welfare of the citizens of Ghana. You are by this invitation, being
acknowledged for your diversity in nation building, and as one of the potential
vital pillars or forerunners in the development of democracy and governance in Ghana and Africa at large.”He noted.
Receiving the award on behalf of Mr.Samuel Adu Gyamfi, Linus and Raphael Adu Gyamfi (sons of the MCE)thanked the organizers for the award and used the opportunity to advise Ghanaians on the safe way of using ‘Okada’ as a means of transportation.
They again  said drivers should observe the road safety rules as there is a recent spike in accident rates the country.
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