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Aowin MCE Promises Better Life For People After Receiving Gargantuan Endorsement

Confirmed Municipal Chief Executive of  Aowin Municipal Assembly,Hon.Samuel Adu Gyamfi has pledged to work Assiduously With all Stakeholders in his area to achieve a fatal and prosperous life for the good people of Aowin in his second term of office as the Municipal Chief Executive.
According to him,this time round,he will not let the people of Aowin down,in terms of physical developmental projects and other policies and programs.
He said,his endorsement is an expression of the collective resolve and desire to unite as one people ready to work together in order to bring development to the people of Aowin.
“You have once again demonstrated that when it comes to taken important decisions we can always put aside our individual political and religious difference and work in unity, certainly,this is what we need as a people.”
In as much as I’m  enthused over my reappointment ,I’m mindful about the enormity of the  task as  newly elevated municipal assembly we are confronted with issues of security, sanitation, illegal mining and youth unemployment.
A lot is therefore expected of us from the people who elected us into office.
 We should put our ranks and  individual, religious and political reasons  aside as exhibited at my confirmation  and work together in order to achieve his Excellency the president’s  vision of achieving a better and prosperous life for all.”He maintained.
  Hon. Samuel Adu Gyamfi , called for cooperation and support of his colleague aspirants for the next four years .
“It is said that,he who is constructing the path do not know where the back is crooked.”
Let me put on record that,all my aspirants called to congratulate me on my reappointment with my brother,the  presiding member issuing a statement on the need to put the contest behind us  and move on .
In fact,I  completely agree  with him because after the contest there’s no winner but democracy and Aowin Municipal Assembly are there winners.
We have a common goal to achieve development for our people.
My doors are therefore open for consultations , suggestions and constructive criticisms.”He further noted.
“As you already know,I don’t discriminate against people on the basis of their political, religious or ethnic background in exercising my duties.
Aowin Municipality has received and will continue to receive it fair  share of national development under Nana Addo’s led NPP administration.As you are already aware,it is the government of Nana Addo that elevated the then Aowin district to Aowin Municipality status in 2018.” He revealed.
He said,contract on mile 4 to Elubo road and Nyankamamu to koodjour roads have been awarded on contract and is progressing steadily.
Additionally,Enchi ,the Municipal capital has just been selected to be furnished with the Ghana prison service .We need only to unite and work together and to fight for more”.
This was said by Mr.Samuel Adu Gyamfi after he was gargantuanly endorsed by Hon.Assembly members of Aowin with 100% win yesterday.
Source:Broadcastergh.con/Ayisah Foster

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