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Authorities must fix traffic lights to make our roads safe – Rev Cyril Crabbe



The President of the Accident Victim Support Foundation Ghana, Rev Cyril Crabbe

The President of the Accident Victim Support Foundation Ghana has called on authorities especially the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) to make it a priority to fix dysfunctional traffic lights.

Speaking on The Probe on Sunday, Rev Cyril Crabbe stated that the absence of traffic lights has posed problems for schools, churches and other institutions that have members consistently crossing roads.

“For a year or two, some traffic lights are not working. It should be our primary priority to make sure that this is done. We should think about the pedestrian, especially now that schools are about to be opened. Most schools are concerned because we have seen many students dying at intersections with no traffic lights,” he said.

Citing an example, Rev Crabbe told host Emefa Apawu that on December 31, 2022, Victory Bible Church hired security personnel to help members cross the road at Awoshie Barnyard.

He said that “this creates a worrying picture. I am glad the NRSA say it will be their priority this year because we cannot sit and not have traffic lights on our roads.”

The Accident Victim Support Foundation Ghana President added that as much as there is a campaign for safe driving on roads, road crashes can decrease with many functional traffic lights in place.

“Knowing the kind of country we live in where drivers are very disobedient to road traffic regulations, you get to understand that if these things are not there we are going to increase road crashes,” he added.

Rev Crabbe stated that “we must also try to make sure road structures that will help decrease crashes are in place to give our roads some kind of safety.”

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