Bawku MCE is the trouble in Bawku – Journalist tells Akuffo Addo



A Ghanaian journalist who appears unhappy over recent killings in Bawku, has pointed accusing finger at the Municipal Chief Executive Officer for the area for all the woes.

Haruna Sumaila Abugri asserted that the government representative has joined forces with one faction of the conflict against the other, instead of being neutral. For Abugri, Amadu Hamza has suddenly become a conflict organiser and that it is time for him to be sacked. He has pre-informed president Akuffo Addo of submitting a detailed report of the evils of the MCE in the coming days.

Below is an open piece to the president.

Mr President, Amadu Hamza is the trouble in Bawku.

Dear President, I hope this important piece of information finds you well.

I humbly knock on your doors this morning with a heart full of grief about the horrible happenings in Bawku.

I should be happy to knock on your door but it is rather not te case because your ‘son’ gives us no peace in Bawku.

By your ‘son’, I am referring to the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Bawku.

He has stolen our happiness and has replaced it with an amount of sorrow no words can describe.

Your ‘son’ now appears to be happy and celebrates whenever blood is spilled in Bawku.

Your ‘son’ now displays open bias and has taken sides as he controls the military team in Bawku.

Mr President, your ‘son’ does not sympathise with a particular faction in the conflict when needless killings are perpetrated by the men who should be protecting us.

Your ‘son’ now enjoys telling lies just to provoke one side of the conflict against the other.

Mr President, your ‘son’ has abandoned his job and has suddenly changed into a conflict organiser.

Mr President, I will not want to disturb your weekend peace. This is a humble knock on your doors.

I hope to furnish your good offices in the coming weeks, if not days, with a detailed account on the devilish acts of your ‘son’. He is, indeed, ‘evil’.

Haruna Sumaila Abugri.

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