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Bitterness By Kofi Amoabeng ,Dr. Kofi Amoah Against Ken Ofori-Atta Over Banking Clean-Up Exercise Needless: Razak Kojo Opoku



It seems Dr. Kofi Amoah of Global Access fame and Mr. Kofi Amoabeng, owner of defunct UT Bank have not gotten over the collapse of their respective banks due to the government decision to clean up the banking/financial sector.

There have been consistent attacks on the person of Ken Ofori-Atta, the Finance Minister by the likes of Mr. Kofi Amoabeng and Dr. Kofi Amoah.

But one thing these gentlemen really need to understand is that upholding the legitimate trading secrets of clients/customers are some of the qualities of a good corporate leader or executive.

Surprisingly, due to what could best be described as bitterness and hatred, these two noble gentlemen, Dr. Kofi Amoah and Mr. Kofi Amoabeng are throwing these values to the dogs.

If you lend someone a credit facility and that person later becomes the Finance Minister so it means that even if you are wrong the person should not take any necessary action against you because you lent the person some money in the past? Values are values simplicita.

A client (Ken Ofori-Atta) came to transact business with your company UT Bank in his private capacity and shareholder of Enterprise Insurance, your company Board of Directors approved the loan facility, your company took profit after the full repayment of the loan even though not according to the estimated time period, and because of that Ken Ofori-Atta should be your lifetime slave and protect your UT Bank at the detriment of thousands of Depositors?

Is it not a selfish attitude on the part of Mr. Kofi Amoabeng?

The question I am also seeking to answer is, how much did Kofi Amoabeng’s UT Bank earn as interest on the 5 million Ghana Cedis loan to Ken Ofori-Atta within the 4 years period before it was finally paid in full?

Dr. Kofi Amoah should take note that Isaac Adongo took a loan from GN Bank but failed to pay until he was published in the media yet the NDC minority appointed him as the Minority spokesperson on Finance.

Can a person with collapsed Bank(Global Access) and collapsed business(Citizen Kofi) be trusted to reform the Country’s Football? However, such a person was appointed as the President of the GFA Normalization Committee.

This same person was appointed by the Government of Ghana to head the Liaison Team with FIFA & CAF when GFA was dissolved in the interim.

Dr. Kofi Amoah should understand that a person with a bad credit history that came out of it to build an excellent credit record is the best person to manage the finance and economic planning of the Country.

If anything at all, such a person has the quality experience to differentiate between good budgeting decisions and bad budgeting decisions.

Ken Ofori-Atta was never indebted to Kofi Amoabeng’s UT Bank when he was appointed as the Finance Minister. Ken Ofori-Atta was having a solid and excellent credit history when he was appointed the Minister of Finance.

Databank and Enterprise Insurance were top-notch and blue-chip companies before Ken Ofori-Atta was appointed as the Minister of Finance.

The collapse of UT Bank and Global Access Bank can NEVER be attributed to the 5 Million Cedis loan that Ken Ofori-Atta took from UT Bank, a loan that was fully paid to the UT Bank years before the collapse of the bank.

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