Bosomefreho community mining scheme launched;4000 jobs to be created



Hon. George Mireku Duker, the Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources responsible for Mining has rallied the people of Bosome-Freho to throw their weight behind the newly-launched Community Mining Scheme (CMS) in the area as it has the potential of spurring the socio-economic development of the area.

With the concession set to create over 4,000 direct and indirect jobs, Hon. Mireku Duker maintains the unity among the residents as well as strict adherence to the mining regulations will create the platform for massive infrastructure development in the area.

Speaking at the launch of the CMS on Wednesday, 22 November 2023, the Deputy Minister disabused the minds of the locals from the misconception that the innovative and laudable Community Mining Scheme initiative is a glorified versions of the globally-condemned and destructive galamsey menace.

He emphasized that unlike galamsey, the CMS will have not impact on the environment and waterbodies as the government through the distribution of mercury-free machines is ensuring that the activities to discover minerals in these concessions pose no threat to the environment and the collective interest of Ghanaians.

He further stated the success story of the CMS cannot be only evidenced in the job creation but also the trooping of other countries including South Africa, South Sudan, UK among others to study and implement it in their respective countries.

Hon. Mireku Duker highlighted on the point that the CMS is exclusively for Ghanaians and that the benefit derived are expected to be felt by the locals who reside in these mining communities.

He surmised that the funds generated from the operations of the CMS can be used to embark on developmental projects that will uplift and refine the livelihoods of the people.

Hon. Duker preached against the smuggling of gold from Ghana and laid emphasis on the Precious Minerals Marketing Company, PMMC as the only authorised agency to grade, assay, value, process buy and sell minerals and license agents in Ghana.

“The Minerals Commission has approved that this concession will pose no harm to environment. The happiness and excitement on the faces of the youth fill me with great joy. I have gone round and satisfied that all the conditions necessary for licensing this operation have been met. I also came with a mercury-free machine which will help mine without responsibly”, he stated

“There have been officials from Zambia, Sudan South Africa to Ghana to learn from our Community Mining Scheme policy. We will ensure constant monitoring to ensure that the regulations are adhered to”, he said.

The Municipal Chief Executive Officer for Bosome Freho, Hon. Kofi Adu Amoateng focused his speech on the job creation benefit of the CMS, commending the government for the initiative.

He noted that the youth of the area will now be engaged and experience some personal growth and wealth with the arrival of the CMS.

Hon. Akwasi Darko Boateng, the Member of Parliament for the area, encouraged the residents to resort to the right channel such as the elders of the community to have their grievances addressed.

The Bosome-Freho concessions takes the total number of CMS concessions launched to twenty four across the country.


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