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Breaking News: Wendy Shay Involves In Fatal Accident



Information coming in suggests that Ghana’s favorite female artist, Wendy Shay has been involved in a ghastly accident on the Kwabenya road.

According to the eyewitness account, Wendy Shay was driving on the Kwabenya road when a tipper truck lost control and tried to run into her.

Wendy Shay tried to dodge the tipper truck in her Wrangler but it collided with her car leading to serious injuries.

The eyewitness revealed that even though Wendy Shay was unhurt, she crawled out of the car complaining of a severe headache.

Her team are currently on the scene of the accident trying to protect some of her valuables which was in the car with her.

So far, no casualties has been reported and the current state of Wendy Shay and the tipper truck driver is unknown.

There is yet to be more information from the management team of Wendy Shay. This would be the second time an artist from Rough Town Records has been involved in an accident.

Five years ago on February 8th 2018, Ghana lost Ebony Reigns to the cold hands of death through a car accident.

The Ghanaian singer died through a fatal car accident that claimed the life of her friend, Franky Kuri and a military officer Atsu Vondee, who were all in a jeep with her whilst she was returning from Sunyani to Accra.

She was signed to RuffTown Records, and dropped her debut album ‘Bonyfied’ a few months before her demise.

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