Breaking news:GHone TV’s Lantam Papanko assaulted by National Chief Imam’s security on Ofankor road.



A shocking incident unfolded on a busy road in Accra on Sunday 22 October 2023 when a motorist among National Chief Imam Osman Nuhu Sharubutu allegedly assaulted Lantam Papanko GHone TV’s morning current affairs host on the Ofankor road.

The incident took place as the victim, the Broadcast Journalist, was driving along the Ofankor-Tantra stretch towards Mile 7, using the inner lane.

According to Lantam, he noticed a motorcyclist approaching rapidly from behind him and attempting to maneuver into his lane.

Perplexed by the motorcyclist’s behavior, he signaled for an explanation.

To his astonishment, the motorcyclist signaled for him to vacate the road.

Things escalated when the motorcyclist then switched sides and began berating him, accusing him of obstructing their path.

As the situation intensified, he said” realized a black SUV bearing the number plate “Imam” with flashing red and blue lights had been trailing behind him. Struggling to comprehend the unfolding scene, I witnessed the aggressor pulling up beside me and verbally assaulting me.

The aggressive exchange didn’t end there. In a fit of rage, the motorcyclist struck my vehicle with his hands and violently hit the side mirror, causing it to turn” he explained .

Disturbed by the incident, Lantam Papanko decided to let the aggressive individuals proceed.

However, as he resumed his journey, the chief Imam’s car abruptly came to a halt directly in front of him, forcing him to brake suddenly.

Taking advantage of this unforeseen halt, the motorcyclist dismounted and removed his helmet.

“He confronted me with accusations of disrespect and used his helmet to strike me through the car window. The situation grew worse when three individuals emerged from the Chief Imam’s vehicle and joined in the assault, slapping and striking me repeatedly” he further explained.

Wounded from the assault, Lantam Papanko tried to protect himself, but was unable to fend off the blows.

The assailants finally ceased the attack, got back into their vehicle, and fled the scene, vandalizing the young journalist car in the process.

Shock and injured, lantam lodged a formal complaint at the Mile 7 Police Station, accompanied by a witness who provided a statement of the incident. Following the report, the EIB Jounalist received a medical examination at Achimota Hospital before returning to the police station.

The Mile 7 Police Commander has assured Lantam Papanko that appropriate action will be taken.

In light of the incident, authorities plan to send a letter to the chief imam’s office in the morning, seeking cooperation in identifying and apprehending the individuals involved in the assault.

Lantam Panko is expected to identify the perpetrators at the police station around 3 p.m. tomorrow.

Investigations are ongoing to determine the motives behind the attack and to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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