Captain Smart Quits Onua TV Joins Active Politics?



Paying much attention to Captain Smart’s introduction to his morning show program this morning,signs indicate  that the number one  morning show presenter in the Country is   quitting ONUA TV to officially partake in active Politics, running as a youth President in election 2024.

Announcing his  sarcastic exit this morning on Onua TV, Captain Smart made it known that ,Ghana and for that matter Africa were born inside of him and cannot sit down for the Country to perish.

He told Afia Tagor point blank that I may not go with you but you have been supportive since day one we worked together.

Sounding like Dr Kwame Nkrumah, first President of the republic of Ghana, Captain Smart deduced that,Ghana our beloved Country can no longer suffer under this our wicked politicians.

“There’s new bill board in town and the image must show.

Africa needs a new type of man and the type of man has humility, respect as his strength.

“The youth must rise ,the youth must have work to do and this is why he’s contesting as a President in election 2024″……More Soon


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