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“Desperate” Former Nzema East MCE,MP Exposed Of Sabotaging Current MCE

Former MCE for Nzema East,Mr.Frank Okpenyen and Madam Catherine Afeku,thrown out Member of Parliament for the area are making the administrative work of the current MCE,Hon.Dorcas Elizabeth Amoah very difficult.
Their evil activities  are gradually thwarting the development of the area and even sending the NPP back to opposition  since they have decided not to give the current MCE any room to operate after their failed political journey.

The Nzema East Municipal Assembly in the Western Region has been in the news for some period of time  now after  Mr.Frank Okpenyen was removed from office  by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo as the MCE for the area and the immediate appointment of Madam Dorcas Elizabeth Amoah as the new MCE.

There  has been series of allegations against the current MCE subsequent to her nomination and confirmation.
It is evident that,the former MCE ,Mr.Frank Okpenyen and the former Member of Parliament for the area Hon.Catherine Afeku are doing their possible best to ensure that the MCE is sacked by President Nana Addo.
It is alleged that their evil plan led to an  unsuccessful demonstration  by their hired self-acclaimed party members and some few constituency party executives who are loyal to  Catherine Afeku (disappointed former MP and the MCE) to cause a stir against the President’s representative.
How can a  sitting constituency executive member lead  a demonstration against the President because his choice of nominee (former MCE) was ignored  by the President.
Another organized demonstration which was allegedly spearhead by the former MCE who went round at night mobilizing people to embark on  demonstration against the MCE because she has reshuffled the premix committee in the constituency together with  Eric Jimpetey (Pre mix coordinator) .
The demonstration was foiled and later turned  into a press conference because of a low turn out of people less than thirty which made the police had a free day.
Little were they thinking that Axim isn’t the only town in the municipality so the demonstration flopped.
The exercise of setting up new committee members for pre-mix in the municipality was successfully inaugurated by the National Pre- mix Board Chairman and his team from the Head Office in Axim on the the 20th of December,2021.
In order to make things very difficult for the current MCE,the former MCE and the MP allegedly planned and made arrangement for  few same people they hired for the unsuccessful demonstration,like :Eddy- (former MCE’s PA )
2.Emma Erzah Benie (caretaker/ driver of former MP Catherine)
3. Samuel Nokoe
4. Michael Nokoe ( both 2 are brothers loyal to former MP Catherine)
5.Adwo Asafua ( sub family Ohema)
6.Ayisakro ( sub Ohema)
7. Agona hema
8. Brawire sub Ohema and some two sub chiefs  namely:Nana Awiafo( Dwantuahehe for   Lower Axim Paramount chief)
 and Nana Edusei ( sub chief of Brawire) who  have been secretly hired to represent the five great Paramount chiefs in the area but  have no idea on their visit to the jubilee house to seek for the removal of the current MCE.
These two “Nzema political mafias”Thus, Ousted MP , minister of state and cabinet minister, Catherine Afeku and removed MCE, Frank Okpenyen who still wants to be brought back as an MCE  have managed to win the heart of some selected Media houses who intend to  publish fabricated stories about the current MCE without cross-check.
However, going through all these difficult challenges , strong, disciplined and  firm Dorcas Elizabeth Amoah is focused of her work as the local President in the municipality.
These and other foregoing characters have made the duo(Okpenyen and Catherine) to swear heaven and earth in ensuring that  Madam Dorcas Elizabeth Amoah does not succeed as the Municipal Chief Executive for the area.
There has been series of unfounded  allegations on the current MCE which cannot be substantiated by a normal human being.
Nzema East Municipal Assembly has the largest population in the Ajomoro and Gwira but only a handful of cronies have hijacked in Axim to do the dirty work for   the former MCE and the MP to distabilize the administration of the hard working MCE by raining daily  insults on her on a radio station owned by the  MP, Catherine Afeku.
Nzema East has five very strong respectful Paramount Chiefs and Paramount Queen Mothers who hold the current MCE in high  esteem and are working in close collaboration with her.
It’s therefore intriguing and funny to hear that the MCE doesn’t respect the chiefs she serves.
It is clear that,if  these two “Nzema political mafias”in Axim   are not reprimanded and put to order  they will go a long way to destroy the image of the NPP in the Constituency where many are prepared to join because of the new administration.
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