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Does Ghana need a new presidential jet?-Mensah Thompson of ASEPA writes 



Folks this is the third time within two months that President Akufo -Addo has spent poor tax payers money to rent a luxurious jet with world class accessories for his foreign trips.

The huge public outcry the greeted the first expose that our President had rented a jet for £15,000 an hour did NOT obviously scare our President off and neither the sinking financial position of the Country nor the ballooning debt situation that hangs around the neck of the State are all enough to get our President to step on the brakes of his extravagant appetite.

Clearly our President has demonstrated that, our Presidential jet bought by Kuffuor and used by Mills and Mahama is of lower class and taste for his liking and absolutely nothing we do or say would let him use the Falcon and so we have to live with it.

As a Country we have a responsibility to keep our Commander in Chief safe and comfortable, that’s our part of the bargain and so we urgently need to start having a National conversation about acquiring a new Presidential jet, one that suits the taste of President Akufo-Addo.

Don’t say ei!!, we elected a President whose penchant for luxury and opulence knows no bounds, we had a clear opportunity to choose between a humble leader who could fly commercial jets or use our humble falcon for official businesses and a leader who flies like an Arabian king, showers in the skies, enjoy a cinema and wine and dine in the skies whilst his people suffer in abject poverty and we chose the latter.

And so the only way we can give this opulent and insensitive President the luxury he wants and crave for and still protect the poor tax payers purse is to begin processes to acquire a new Presidential jet.

And the lessons President Akufo -Addo has taught this poor struggling nation must never be lost on us in acquiring this new jet, the luxury must be top-notch, we cannot take anything for granted.
It must have it’s own shower system, cinema, king size bedroom, conference room and must be spacious enough so that in future even if we are unlucky enough to elect a new President whose opulence surpasses that of President Akufo-Addo(which I doubt) he will still stick with it and travel with it and not waste poor tax payers money on hourly jet rentals.

And so if you ask me, YES!! Ghana needs a new Presidential jet, whether we like it or not!!!


Mensah Thompson
Executive Director,ASEPA

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