Don’t blame witches ,wizards and demons for all your problems- Elvis Afriyie – Ankrah



The recent Fathers Conference organized by “Faith of our Fathers” saw a remarkable turnout of influential personalities, including the main speaker, Hon. Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah.

The event, themed “Embracing Legacy, Leadership, and Love,” provided a platform for profound insights and inspiring narratives, with Afriyie-Ankrah’s speech standing out for its powerful and thought-provoking Message.

In his address, Hon. Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah, former Minister of State and former Director of Elections for the NDC, challenged the pervasive tendency among Africans to attribute every misfortune to Supernatural forces. While acknowledging the existence of demons, he emphasized that this belief should not overshadow the importance of personal responsibility and practical Solutions to problems.

Afriyie-Ankrah drew a compelling comparison between Ghana and countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and South Korea.

He noted that these nations, which were on par or even behind Ghana in terms of GDP a few decades ago, have made significant strides in development. He argued that these countries undoubtedly face their own share of demons, yet they have chosen to focus on tangible solutions to drive progress.

Sharing his personal story, Afriyie-Ankrah revealed that he never lived with both parents under the same roof and moved to the UK at 17, where he juggled two jobs. However, circumstances forced him to return to Ghana, which felt like starting from scratch.

In a desperate moment, he attempted suicide by taking 30 Valium tablets, only to wake up in Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

This experience became a turning point, pushing him to confront his challenges head-on rather than attributing them to evil forces.

His narrative of persistence resonated deeply with the audience. Despite numerous obstacles, including a challenging re-entry into Ghana’s Education system and a failed attempt to enroll at KNUST, he persevered.

His eventual Admission to the University of Ghana marked a new Chapter, leading to a fulfilling career and family life.
Afriyie-Ankrah underscored that life’s difficulties should not be immediately blamed on demonic forces.

He asked a poignant question: “Are there no devils in Japan and other places?” Highlighting the importance of addressing real-life problems with practical solutions, he encouraged the audience to adopt a similar mindset. He stressed that overcoming adversities requires more than just spiritual Warfare—it demands Persistence, Hard Work, and Strategic Thinking.
To further inspire, he introduced his book, “7 Steps to Fulfill Your Purpose in Life,” outlining essential Principles such as Believing in one’s Purpose, Discovering and Developing Talents, Paying the Price for Success, leveraging Imagination and Positive Proclamation, Turning Adversities into Opportunities, Seeking Mentors, and Having Faith in God. He shared personal anecdotes, including his response to losing the NDC General Secretary position by securing a prestigious Fellowship at Delaware University.
The conference was graced by notable figures, including Mr. Prince Kofi Amoabeng of the former UT Bank, Mr. John Boadu, former General Secretary of the NPP, Hon. MP for Navrongo Sampson Tangombu Chiragia, and musician Rex Omar. Afriyie-Ankrah’s speech left a lasting impact, urging attendees to shift their focus from supernatural blame to actionable efforts in overcoming life’s challenges.
In conclusion, Hon. Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah’s message at the Fathers Conference was a call to action for all attendees: embrace responsibility, persist through challenges, and seek practical solutions. His story and insights serve as a powerful reminder that while Supernatural forces may exist, our destiny is shaped by our Actions and Perseverance.

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