E13 and Ally Forum vow to defend Mahama’s office at all costs



The E13 and Ally Forum, a formidable political force with over 3,000 members across Ghana’s 275 constituencies, is highly incensed by the impudence of the Fixing the Country Movement’s plan to picket at the office of former President John Dramani Mahama.

Such an act not only undermines the sanctity of our democratic institutions but also disrespects the legacy of a leader who has devoted his life to public service.

In light of this, we wholeheartedly endorse and throw our full weight behind the NDC Greater Accra Regional Youth’s commendable decision to organize a cleaning exercise at the same venue on November 16, 2023. This initiative is not just a cleaning exercise; it’s a symbol of our collective commitment to uphold the dignity and respect that the office of the former President deserves.

We want to assure the Greater Accra Regional youths that they have our unwavering support in this important endeavor. We’re not just making an appearance; we’re coming fully prepared and committed, ready to contribute wholeheartedly to ensure the success of this exercise. statesman.

Granting of Permission by Ghana Police Service: A Regrettable and Disappointing Move

To the Ghana Police Service: Your decision to grant permission for a picket at the private office of none other than Former President John Mahama without considering Section 1(4) of the Public Order Act, 1994, Act 491, is an utter travesty and a blatant disregard for the rule of law.

We are profoundly disappointed and demand an immediate reversal of this ill-advised decision.

You are urged to direct Owusu Bempah and his group to focus their energies on institutions vested with investigative and prosecutorial powers, rather than targeting the private office of a former President who has never failed to avail himself of any investigation. The decision to provide security for a group picketing at John Mahama’s office is not just absurd; it’s incomprehensible and exceedingly provocative.

The Special Prosecutor’s office is the appropriate avenue for any investigations and they are fully empowered by the state to conduct such investigation if they find it necessary. So, tell us: has the Special Prosecutor ever extended an invitation to the former President that was declined?

No! Then what’s the basis for this farce? If the Police, an institution meant to uphold the rule of law, is prepared to support illegitimate acts by a group of hooligans that could disturb the peace of a distinguished former President, then let it be known: we, the members of the E13 and Ally Forum, will not sit idly by.

A Stern, Unambiguous Warning to Owusu Bempah

Hear this clearly, Ernest Owusu Bempah and the Fixing the Country Movement: You’re playing with fire. Your audacity is a disgraceful violation of this nation’s political sanctity.

Keep away from Mahama’s office, or face dire consequences. Abandon your plans, or prepare for an onslaught that will annihilate any shred of false sense of power you think you have left. This is not a threat; it’s a promise.

A Call to All E13 and Ally Forum Members

To all E13 and Ally Forum members across Ghana’s 275 constituencies, the time for decisive action is upon us. Lace your boots, sharpen your cutlasses, and prepare your hoes and weedicides for the upcoming cleaning exercise at the office of former President John Dramani Mahama on Thursday, November 16th. Make no mistake; this is not merely a cleaning exercise. It is a resounding statement of our collective resolve.

We are not just safeguarding the office of John Dramani Mahama; we are taking a stand against absurdity and recklessness. As guardians of democracy and political integrity, we are committed to defending the legacy and dignity of John Mahama at all costs.

To ensure maximum participation, leadership will provide transportation for members from all constituencies to Accra. Additionally, food, water, drinks, and all other basic necessities will be supplied throughout the duration of this event, countering the ill-advised picketing.

Focus “Victory for Better Ghana”,


Chairman: Hon Famous Kwesi Kuadugah
Contact: famouskuadugah@gmail.com
Mobile: 0208119395

Public Relations Officer: Frank Akpablie
Mobile: 0557969735

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