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Eating Foreign Rice May Increase Your Blood Sugar-Western D33dew CEO



Western D33DEW Group CEO,Mr. Kwabena Amofa has cautioned Ghanaians to adopt to the use of eating Ghana made rice.
According to him,the local rice contains fiber and that regulates one’s blood sugar level and limits the tendency of getting diabetes, pressure , amongst other diseases.
He revealed that rice from foreign countries has limited or no fiber to regulate one’s blood sugar when consumed because the foreigners are only interested in making money with their products and don’t think about it’s African consumers.
Mr.Amofa indicated that ,rice that have fibers easily get spoiled and because these whites don’t want to incur lost they remove all the fibers from the grains to make sure that the product  keeps long in  the market .
He said the consequences is very dangerous to we the consumers due to high content of arsenic in them.
He then advised we Ghanaians to eat our local rice.
Western D33dew group is producers of Western D33dew long grain rice and Ashanti Royal rice.
The CEO made the appeal at the 37th farmers day celebration held at Bepoase in the Sekyere South District,last Friday

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