Edibeck Consult delegation departs Accra on 29th July 2023 for a four nation tour



Delegation of 51 will depart Accra, Ghana on the 29th July 2023 for a four – nation summer camping in Europe which is organized by Edibeck Consult.

With the 51 Delegation, 35 school children drawn from all backgrounds make up the list with remaining being adult supervisors.

The students, whose ages ranges from 7 years and 17 years, would be touring these four European for a period of two week.

At a press briefing held at the Institute of Statistical Social and Economic Research Conference Room of the University of Ghana in Accra, The Managing Director of Edibeck Consult, Mr, Edward Obiri Ampong, told the media on the itinerary of the trip listed four countries as Holland, Germany, France and Belgium.

He said their first stop, will be in Holland which will host the main event in their second largest city of Rotterdam before proceeding to other countries.

The main purpose of the trip, according to Mr.Edward Obiri Ampong, is to bring basic school children from African and their Europe counterparts together.

He explained that, the aim is to foster the promotion of education and knowledge sharing among these students.

He said, the trip will afford the children the opportunity to have first hand insight into the diverse cultural backgrounds of other countries.

Although some of the students who are not from Ghana, children with nationalities from America, Britain, Nigeria and Liberia but schooling in Ghana are part of this year’s trip.

When a question was ask as to how to handle a child who decides not to return in view of international laws protecting the rights of children, Mr. Edward Obiri Ampong, said the kids have been mentioned to appreciate that it is a visit and not for relocation.

“The children have been psyched in a way in which they understand that they must return”, he said.

The fun associated with last year’s trip, he indicated left sweet memories with the kids who returned regardless.

He stressed the need for every participant understanding that there are guidelines accompanying the travel arrangement which will be enforced to sanitize and achieve the purpose of the tour.

The 51 delegation is expected to be back in Accra, Ghana on the 12th August 2023…..

Story by Bugbila Moadow.

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