Election 2024: The Magical Pair For NDC’s Resounding Victory




Ghana’s Elections 2024 undoubtedly is going to be a tough one to crossover.

Every personality in the front line must add weight and substance to the prospect of the political parties to be participating, especially the NDC and NPP.

The flagbearers and their running mates must be solid politicians who are very charismatic politicians (strong force magnets) who can exert much influence in the voting decisions across the demographics of Ghana’s economy and social life.

The magnetic pair for NDC should be John Dramani Mahama and Julius Debrah as it is much expected by many NDC faithfuls and the Ghanaian business class.

Julius Debrah (JD), former Chief of Staff to the former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, undeniably has been the secret behind the NDC’s flagbearer strength and success.

JD is mostly referred to as the most affable, affectionate, hardworking, strategic and tactical brain, non-discriminative high political personality, very charitable and supportive.

His clout and command of power in Ghana’s political landscape is enviable and undisputably incomparable.

A mention of his name, immediately makes all present think about ‘humility’. It doesn’t matter about your age, class or status, he is always ready to and help out.

JD, born on 24 April 1966 (age 57) is anative of Obomeng Kwahu from the Eastern Region.

Academically, a product of Mpraeso Secondary School, Achimota Secondary School and University of Ghana where he obtained Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology and Sociology.

A great and successful business player and unrelenting politician. A three times Parliamentary Candidate for the NDC in a no go area of the NPP, yet, he held the battle front for the NDC party during the crucial times of the party when the was first witnessing dreadful opposition from the treacherous Akufo-Addo, Atta-Kyea, and the likes.

Despite, not winning the seat, his hard work, resilience and loyalty to the NDC were noticed and was therefore called to serve the party further in the capacity of Regional minister of Eastern and Greater Accra.

He later served the local government ministry remarkably and later called to be the Chief Servant of the First Gentleman of the land as Chief of Staff.

His leadership restructured and positioned Ghana’s Tourism industry as a key contributor to the economy while the industry players were heavily supported to meet the world class standards when he CEO position of the Ghana Tourism Authority.

His magical calmness, noble servant, strategic and tactical leadership and humility established the most cordial and undying relationship between him and his boss, John Mahama, even throughout this periods of seven years in opposition.

His servantship to John Mahama is above extraordinary.

Such values is what NDC needs now to backup the footsteps and softings the hearts of the undecided middle class, youth, and classless voters to consider the NDC as the ultimate choice.

By Adnan Adams Mohammed
(Sponsored by Friends of Julius Debrah)

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