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Expect A Spontaneous Spark Of Furious Reactions-NDC Volta Region Warns Nana Addo



In as much as we in the NDC do recognize and respect our institutions of state, happenings in recent times have given us a cause for concern because of deliberate executive interferences in the operations of such institutions as well as the apparent weaponisation of same against political opponents in order to cow them into docility.

These acts of executive interference were reaffirmed in the not-too-distant past when the Minister of National Security in the current regime, Hon. Kan Dapaah, had cause to openly express his disquiet about perceptions of immorality within the Judiciary and the general mood of the Nation towards an arm of government that is supposed to be above reproach and be the last resort in the event of any constitutional infraction.

By now, the Ghanaian citizenry are well aware and are overwhelmed by the cloud of egregious corruption, ostentation and incompetence that have deeply sunk the Nation into an abyss of hopelessness, gloom and economic mess.

It is therefore not surprising to hear vociferous voices of reason such as those of the former Chief Justice, Sophia Akufo, and other revered statesmen calling this government out for its unprecedented acts of wickedness and mismanagement.

The NDC in the Volta Region would want to once again inform President Nana Addo’s government that the Party is strongly and fully behind Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa, and will at any time mass up at the courts in huge numbers in support of their hard working MP for North Tongu should he be unjustifiably handled for carrying out his mandate and oversight responsibility as his people’s representative.

Ghana is a country of conscience, and looking at the current galloping rate of inflation and the animal called Domestic Debt Exchange (DDE) that has theatened our middle class and currently pushing them to a lower band by a deliberate government policy, there will be a spontaneous spark of actions across the country in response to any clandestine machination to gag the consistent Whistle-blower on the evils of the so called National Cathedral.

It will be very paradoxical for a nation that prides itself as an oasis and doyen of democracy to be described by others as a nation that, through its actions and inactions, upholds the rule of strong and callous men.

The popularity and huge following of Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa across the length and breadth of this country as one of the best performing Legislators, coupled with his enviable relationship with our international partners by virtue of being the Ranking Member on Foreign Affairs, cannot in any way be glossed over any wise individual or institution.

We intensely call on this government not to embarrass this nation further by doing anything untoward to Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa because currently its popularity is extremely low and that burning desire for the ordinary Ghanaian to vent their anger is ubiquitous.

We want to loudly and clearly once again warn that should anything unjust happen to Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa in his bid to heed the invitation to appear in court on 21st February, there certainly will be a furious spark of reactions, not only in the Volta Region, but across the Country.

We are by this release, calling on the rank and file of the NDC from the Volta Region and beyond, and all sympathizers to make themselves available in court on February 21 to loudly register their displeasure against this government’s insatiable taste for persecuting opponents, whistle-blowers, critics and citizens who justly demand accountability, transparency and responsibility on the part of those entrusted with the power to manage our resources.

Sorkpa K. Agbleze

Volta NDC Regional Communications Officer

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