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George Akom Commended By Residents Of Sekyere Afram Plains 

The people of Sekyere Afram Plains District in the Ashanti region with the district capital at Drobonso have expressed their appreciation and commendation to Mr. George Akom for his continuous support towards the development and the well being of the people.
Mr. George Akom who is a native of the district has over the years provided many support to the people, especially the youth in the district in diverse ways.
During the Christmas Festivities for the year 2022, he organised an  Inter Community Gala at different locations in the district for the various community teams.
 He also supported the Obrempong Gala organised by the Chief of Drobonso. At the grand ceremony at the various centres, he presented assorted sports equipment such as trophies, jerseys, footballs, medals whistles and many other logistics to the participating Teams.
He used the occasion of the Inter Community Gala to encourage the youth to pursue their dreams in careers they have interest in.
 He stressed that sports is another opportunity area they could explore, especially those who have natural talents to reach their potentials.   He added that sports could provide another means to improve on our moral and discipline situations among the youth.
He underscored the numerous challenges being faced by the district in the area of sports development. He enumerated that poor football pitches and  poor road network to connect adjoining communities for football matches as major problems facing the district so far as sports development is concerned.
He admonished that, although the district lacks some social amenities, they should not be discouraged by those challenges, but rather to remain focused in other to achieve their dreams.
He intimated that, one of his visions  for sports  development in the district is to have one formidable football Team   to represent the district at all times in football competitions. He expressed his joy for women participation in the games, and encouraged them not to end it only there. He added  that, with the team in place , most of the youth could develop their talents and get the opportunity to play in the higher Division Teams  in Ghana and abroad.
He mentioned that , he would also use any little opportunity available to him to seek for support to improve on the conditions of the various football fields in the district, especially getting their fair share of the astro turfs.
He expressed his appreciation to the Chief of Drobonso, Nana Dwamena Dankwa Dwubisaw and his elders for always having the district at heart for youth and national development.

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