George Akom Organizes Career Guidance and Programme Selection for BECE Candidates Ahead of Examination



Mr. George Akom, one of the Parliamentary Aspirants for Sekyere Afram Plains Constituency in the Ashanti in collaboration with Ghana Education Service has organised Career Guidance and Programme Selection program for the BECE Candidates in the district.

The program which was organised together with the Guidance and Counselling Unit of the Ghana Education saw about 19 Junior High Schools in the district attending the event.The event also included parents and guardians to give them much insight about career development of their children. The program, which was first of its kind provided the Candidates the best opportunity to abreast with examination preparations detailing the before, during and after examination activities. The program emphasized on how to select programmes at the Senior High School to enable them make informed decisions for the future career progress. Some information was shared on entrepreneurship and hands – on training after school.
Detailing the reasons for the program, Mr. George Akom explained that many people lost the their life potentials because they didn’t get guidance and made wrong choices for their careers. He intimated that, many learners sometimes make decisions based on wrong influences from friends and hearsays which do not lie in their interests and strengths. He concluded that the program provided the Candidates the opportunity to be motivated and guided on the examination rules and regulations. The parents were also motivated by the presentations by the various speakers and commended Mr. Akom for such initiative of that kind which would go a long to shape their children.
The Candidates took turns to ask questions from the various presentations made by the Speakers.
Mr. George Akom used the occasion to make donation of pens and other materials to support their examinations.
He used the program to wish all the Candidates in the district and other parts of the country the very best of luck in their examinations.

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