Ghana is dying, there’s too much pressure in the system -H.E Archbishop Kofi Adonteng Boateng



Founder and Leader of Divine World International Ministry,H.E Archbishop Kofi Adonteng Boateng has said , there’s too much pressure in the system and that the people of Ghana are dying because of economic pressure.

According to him, Ghana as a Country import alot of goods which is not paving way for local investors to invest more ,get money to expand local businesses to feed the Country.

“We can only reduce economic pressure when we begin to cut down our importation of goods and then assist local producers financially to produce more of their goods to feed the economy.”He indicated.

H.E Archbishop Kofi Adonteng Boateng made this known when addressing newsmen today in Kumasi during the official launch of his fun club.

He noted that,most of the Ghanaian youth are running away from the Country because of the unbearable economic situation in the system.

“I believe it is about hard time the government of the day look for other alternatives to help address the mass traveling of the Ghanaian youth because it is worrying.”He maintained.

“The Ghanaian youth is our future and if leaders look on unconcerned for them to leave the Country to seek for greener pastures somewhere Abroad,a time may come that we have to travel Abroad persuade them to return to the Country before we could get our own people to work for the Nation.”

The man of good didn’t attribute the mass traveling by African youth to only Ghanaians but was mad about the mass traveling by the Nigerian youth asking as to why Nigerian ladies could travel all the way from Nigeria to Ghana to engage in prostitution, attributing it to leadership failure on the part of African leaders.

Source: Ayisah Foster/Foster Ayisah



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