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Global Alliance For Women’s Development Hails NDC’S Female Running Mate



Women’s group known as Global Alliance for Women Development [GAWD] has congratulated Ghana as a country and the leadership of National Democratic Congress [NDC] for choosing a high profile woman ,Prof. Naana Opoku Agyemang, a former Vice Chancellor of Cape Coast University and a former Minister of Education to be a running mate.

According to Mrs. Yolande Veyvey,
General Secretary of Global Alliance for Women’s Development,this wise decision brings to memory the statement made by the late Dr. James
Emman Kwegyir Aggrey, that, ‘’if you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a nation’’.

GAWD, with regards to this statement see it as a unique opportunity for women at large to project their identity and be at par with men to consolidate the belief in the saying; that what men can do, women can also do better.

Women’s superiority in this contemporary context has become paramount, prioritized and attracted more attention especially after the popular women’s empowerment Beijing conference in China, years back.
In the history of Ghana, it will be recalled that, Yaa Asantewaah [the hroine] stood
against British oppressive rulership and was victorious where many daring men
were incapacitated.

It is about time women across the globe, given the mantle, mandate or opportunity to lead are fully encouraged and supported without any notion of doubts, mischief or intimidation.

It is worthy and important for all
Ghanaians, especially women, to rally behind her nomination, grow beyond
politics and look forward for the best from Prof. Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang to win power and translate their expected hopes into vibrant non-partisan productive activities to the benefit of all women in Ghana.

Her selection today as the National Democratic Congress’ running mate will be the first ever typical actualization of unlocking the dormant practical power
potential of a woman in Ghana’s history to serve in a high public service capacity
when the NDC wins the political mandate of the people at the 2020 General

Moreover, her selection is a significant quantum achievement which surpasses all the lip service to create a gender balance to ensure gender equality. This is it.

She said,what has been long wished for and desired to manifest by many women activists is here. It is not out of place today to have a woman in the hot seat at the helm of national affairs in Ghana.

Inarguably, many women as well as men around the globe occupy top private and
public decision-making positions and successfully operate large multi-national
organizations and businesses.

There are no proven records or instances which rate men in top positions as superior, infallible and absolutely perfect without any flaws as compared to women in similar positions.

In that case, any adverse conclusions to deride, outlaw, tarnish or downplay the image of an intelligent woman of substance – such as Prof. Naana Jane Opku Agyemang – called to a high
public service office should be unapologetically treated with the contempt it deserves.

This great initiative has neither breached nor broken any protocols, and
therefore does not warrant any condemnation or belittling.
The decision for a female running mate is indeed a huge affirmative surprise and a
positive contribution to history in Ghana. As long as women, comparatively
worldwide with diverse backgrounds have held Judicial, Presidential, Prime
Ministerial, Ministerial positions and many more as scientists, lawyers, doctors,
Speaker of Parliament, Parliamentarians, air force pilots, mathematicians,
lecturers and what have you, Global Alliance For Women’s Development [GAWD]
does not appreciate or accept any limiting restrictions or any other hypothetical
reason whatsoever why a trainer of trainers cannot hold a high public office and
manage national affairs proficiently well.
It is explicitly clear that women when given any platform or position could
possibly perform creditably well. Ghana should use this prominent position
offered to Prof. Naana Opoku Agyemang to elevate, empower and transform the
pedigree and status of women to become more efficiently productive partners for
a rapid national growth and development.
Ghanaians should endeavour to do away with the malicious and mischievous
unwholesome politics and unsavory remarks regarding the dignity of the first ever
female running mate of one of the leading Political Parties in the history of Ghana.
The world at large is geared to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Goal 5
[GENDER EQUALITY] that seeks to empower women worldwide. It must be in the
interest of every government of any nation to embrace and make way for women
to occupy high offices in decision-making positions such as being offered to Prof.
Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang by the NDC flagbearer.
This appointment is a step in the right direction to put women on top of the state
of national affairs for a better Ghana tomorrow. This recognition will go a long
way to project women in Ghana, Africa and serve symbolically as a feather in the
cup of global gender equality. It is of great importance for Ghanaians to build faith
and have hope in Prof. Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang and support her to deliver
progressively as required when she assumes office.
We should also be mindful that managing the affairs of a country should not be an entirely new difficult task to such an educationist of her calibre who has probably encountered and resolved many complicated issues and prevailed over many challenging obstacles and occasions in her lifetime work experience.

Practice in a higher classroom setting is like dealing with the entire welfare of different close and extended human culture, management and evaluation of all the necessary performance requirements to yield great results by carving, molding and influencing national destinies.

In view of the position given to Prof. Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang, Global
Alliance For Women’s Development [GAWD] wish to sound a loud call to
Ghanaians to support this commendable course to fulfill the United Nations
Sustainable Development Goal [SDG 5] requirement for GENDER EQUALITY. Foster

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