Go and properly resolve your difference in Manhyia palace-Antoa Nyamaa shrine to Wontumi, Kokosohene



Custodians at the Antoa Nyamaa shrine in the Ashanti Region have referred the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Bernard Antwi-Boasiako popularly known as Wontumi, and the Kokosohene, Nana Kwaku Duah back to the Manhyia Palace for them to properly resolve their differences.

A curse invoked by Chairman Wontumi against the Kokosohene is still in force following conflicting narratives by the two.


The Kumasi Traditional Council had settled the matter and asked the two to go to Antoa to reverse the curse,

But when they got there, the Kokosohene insisted on his narrative that Wontumi had disrespected the Asantehene per the words used during their exchange of words.

This therefore resulted in Wontumi’s inability to reverse the curse he invoked against the Kokosohene by invoking the Antoa Nyamaa shrine.

When the two went to Antoa to reverse the curse, accompanied by senior linguists (Akyeame) from the Manhyia Palace, the Kokosohene insisted that Wontumi used words to disrespect the Asantehene and so he was not going to withdraw the allegation.

Following that, Wontumi also said if the Kokosohene was insisting on his position, then he will also not be able to reverse the curse.

War of words

During the New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary vetting at the Manhyia South constituency recently, there were some differences between the Kokosohene and Wontumi which led to the exchange of words.

Wontumi later invoked curses on the Kokohene using the Antoa Nyamaa shrine. This was because, the Kokosohene had alleged that, during their exchange of words, Wontumi disrespected the Asantehene.

Wontumi on his part said he never disrespected the Asantehene and that the issue was not about the Asantehene.

The Kokosohene later reported Wontumi to the Kumasi Traditional Council.

After hearing both sides, the Kumasi Traditional Council concluded that it was a trivial issue and that the Kokosohene needlessly reported a trivial political issue to Manhyia.

However even though the Kumasi Traditional Council had cleared Wontumi over the alleged remarks against the Asantehene, the curse on Kokosohene remains.

When the Kokosohene and Wontumi could not settle their differences for the curse to be reversed when they got to the Antoa shrine, the custodians decided the matter should go back to the Manhyia Palace for a complete settlement before the curse can be properly overturned.

There are suggestions that the Kokosohene was insisting on his position because the implication is that, since two senior linguists from Manhyia and a chief followed them, he would have been destooled if he goes back on his words, hence his insistence that, Wontumi indeed disrespected the Asantehene per his understanding of the words used by Wontumi.

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