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Gov’ tasked to adopt sustainable steps to end violence in Bawku



Alhaji Shaibu Musah Gutare, National BDA President of BISSA family in the Northern part of Ghana has made a passionate appeal to the government to adopt sustainable steps to end violence in Bawku to safe lives and properties to enhance the socio-economic growth of the area.

According to him, the continue violence in  Bawku is a threat to the development of the area which he said negatively affecting the lives of the people, and for that matter the need for government to be more proactive to end the violence.

Speaking at BISSA SUKUMA 2022 held in Kumasi, on the theme: maintaining Our Cultural Identity; The True Path to Unity and Progress.

Alhaji Gutare stated that, the politicians keep lying to the people that, their men are on the grounds, yet the killing of innocent people goes on, says when you kill someone you are a criminal and for that matter the killers of innocent people must allow to face the law while allowing the law enforcement agencies to do their job to ensure a lasting and sustainable peace in the area.
He lamented that, the silent on the perpetrators on the killing or murders to go free is a worry to every concern citizen.
He was of the view that, government has all the security apparatus to bring peace in Bawku, and must address the violence from a security point of view, and raises concerns about the intended targeting of BISSA people in Bawku municipality as a worry to the membership.
Alhaji Musah Gutare urged member of BISSA group to come together as united force for development of Bawku municipality and the Northern part of Ghana to foster peace towards raising the living standards of BISSA members by being each others keepers.
Magagia Khadija Ali Daboni
Deputy Women Commissioner and Magagia for Oyobi Zongo in Accra disclosed that, the occasion gives women opportunity to unite BISSA women to establish themselves towards achieving the SDG goals.
She observed that, its an avenue to pave the way to unite both men and women across the length and breadth of the country for economic development through investing in their children to positively affects BISSA families.

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