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Govt urged to open land borders



The government of Ghana urged to as a matter of urgency open land borders to lessen the plight of the affected Ghanaian businesses since the Corona Virus pandemic is on low ascendency.

Mr.Agbenya Precious, a political analyst who made the call, observed that, the continued closure of the Aflao and other borders have made life very difficult for the people in the surrounding areas, especially  our brothers and sisters from the Ashanti, Eastern, Accra, Bono and Ahafo regions.
The situation he said is posing economic hardships on them, and lamented that, the President of the land, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo seems not to care about the people in terms of how negatively the closure of the borders are affecting their businesses and rather interested in taxing the same people obnoxiously.

According to him, the insensitive altitude of government to the good people of the affected Ghanaians is worrying, days  the very people whom the government is now taxing any how are the same people business its collapsing in the name of the closure of the borders,
He was of the view that, as far as the closure of the the borders is concerned. It is time the government and it’s functionaries open the borders to make life easier for the citizenry who are suffering for years now.
Mr. Agbenya is calling on the president  to quickly open the borders and intensify the COVID-19 protocols around the land borders.
Flights are arriving in the country in daily bases  but the president chooses to close the land borders, and the basic question is that, if he does not have any personal interest in the closure, what is the reason why he does not want to open the borders
Mr. Agbenya pleaded with the President to do the needful by opening the borders because things are really going out of hand.

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