Highly peeved Kejetia traders attack Bawumia



Highly peeved Kejetia traders have attacked Vice President Bawumia for falling to honour promise made to victims of the fire out break which occured within the market on 15th March 2023.

The Vice president few days after the incident visited the scene to inspect the level of damage and console victims amidst promises.

Dr. Bawumia promised ensuring that stores belonging to 54 victims traders which were razed down by the fire were rsetored.

He also promised fixing bad roads at Race course market.

However, the traders at a press briefing in Kumasi, held on Tuesday 10th October 2023 said, none of the promises made by Dr. Bawumia has been honored.

At the briefing, the traders were sighted waving the flag of Asanteman as they voiced out their displeasure against how the Vice President and for that matter the NPP-led government has neglected Ashanti region visavis matters related to development.

They added that NPP government has not even bordered making an inquiry about the welfares of the fire victims.

“Does the Vice President really care about these affected traders?”, they questioned.

The traders fired vociferously that as Dr. Bawumia is gunning to lead the party, he must exhibit leadership qualities that will prove that he is ready to service the people he wants to lead.

“To be a leader, you must first service the people you want to lead” they told Dr. Bawumia at the press briefing.

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