I did my job; I tried to make Ghana a better place – Prof Frimpong-Boateng



A former Minister of Environment, Science and Technology, Professor Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng, says he worked earnestly in contributing to the development of Ghana while in office.

In an exclusive interview with JoyNews after news broke that he had been arrested in May, the renowned surgeon said posterity will be fair to him because in all his actions he always had the country at heart.

Reports of his arrest and subsequent release two weeks ago by the Special Prosecutor broke in the evening of Wednesday. He is being investigated for corruption and corruption-related activities, and his involvement in the missing of some 500 excavators.

Although he described the arrest as victimisation, Prof Frimpong-Boateng maintained that he has no regret.

According to him, it is part of the sacrifice he will gladly offer on his part to save the country.

“People often say that Ghana is not a country worth dying for but I believe that it is precisely for that reason that we ought to die for Ghana. This is because if you die for an entity that will expect something good in return, that is no sacrifice.

“I take a cue from my belief; what really did Jesus Christ gain by coming to die for us? That was very sacrificial. So if you are expecting a return for something you do for an entity that is no sacrifice,” he said on Wednesday.

While acknowledging his mistakes, Prof Frimpong-Boateng took consolation in the fact that he worked diligently to make Ghana a better place.

“I take it that I’ve done my job and at the end of it all when I am no longer here, I can say I did my job, I tried to make Ghana a better place. I tried with all my mistakes but I don’t think that with all these mistakes you can find many people who have gone through and done what I’ve done in this country.”

The renowned heart surgeon received an invitation from the Special Prosecutor a few weeks ago, over his report on the dissolved Inter-Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining (IMCIM).

He was then granted bail over his purported arrest.

Meanwhile, the Special Prosecutor says he will take action against all persons cited for wrong doing in the controversial report.

In a statement on Tuesday May 2, the OSP said it will take “necessary action”, against all persons implicated in the report authored by renowned heart surgeon.

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