I haven’t had any good sleep in 8 weeks – Kumawu MP



The Member of Parliament for Kumawu, Ernest Yaw Anim says he has been deprived of ‘good’ sleep for close to 8 weeks now.

This, he explained is because he had been working around the clock to secure the Kumawu seat.

“For close to 8 weeks now, I haven’t had any good sleep,” he said in an interview on Joy FM’s Personality Profile on Thursday.

Mr Yaw Anim says the journey to becoming the Kumawu MP has not been an easy task for him.

He said he did not plan to run for the primaries in the recent by-election at this time.

According to him, although he envisions being a lawmaker someday, he did not think it was going to be this early.

“In my scheme of things, I knew I was going to run for the position sometime in 2028, 2032. So that was when I was targeting to go into the House because I felt that I needed to achieve a lot in my professional career and all that so I needed that time for myself and I needed that time for my family as well,” he told host, Lexis Bill.

However, he took the chance when it brought itself because in politics, you are not supposed to allow chances to slide.

He added that the death of the former MP, Philip Basoah made him feel that it “was God telling me that it is my time now to just tap in, because sometimes when you are not pushed by situations, you might lose certain bigger opportunities. So I felt that this opportunity came and it was for me to take it.”

When asked why now and not wait for his designated time, he said: “In politics, you need to be very strategic. We had a Member of Parliament that had been in Parliament for 10 years. He was going to finish up with his 12 years, so assuming I had decided not to run this time and we get a new candidate, at least that candidate will probably want to run for at least two, three terms. That means that it pushes me all the way to 2036 by which time I would have lost that interest.”

Mr Ernest Yaw Anim, on May 23 during the Kumawu by-election polled 15,264 votes representing 70.91% to win the Kumawu Constituency and thus retained the seat for the party.

He was sworn into office on June 6 when the Speaker, Alban Bagbin handed the new Member of Parliament his working tools which were the 1992 Constitution and the Standing Orders for him to have a modicum understanding of how the House works.

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