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I will make NALAG Vibrant, Relevant And Demand Driven -NALAG President Hopeful

‘Making The National Association of Local Authorities of Ghana (NALAG) vibrant, relevant,demand driven and not only an executive one but adaptive  is my priority.’Hon.Kusi Kwaku Eric,NALAG President Hopeful has stated.
According to him , there’s a lot on his mind to be furnished with the association if elected as the national president.
Hon.Kusi Kwaku Eric, doubling as the District Chief Executive for Adansi North in the Ashanti Region has alot of rich experiences he acquired from the assembly as an assembly member to presiding member and now as a DCE and is ever ready to transform the association with that experiences.
He has served on several committees in the assembly when he was an assembly member,then to presiding member at the same assembly he now chairs as the District president.
He is more capable with these kind of rich experiences to lead NALAG as the president.
Hon.Kusi Kwaku Eric,has other rich ideas to help move NALAG forward  if elected as president.
Other equally important vision statement of Hon.Kusi Kwaku Eric are as follows
1. The welfare of Hon members would be my number ONE priority, God willing if I am given the nod.
2. There is strength in numbers and NALAG has the numbers. Therefore, let us use our numbers to push for our own welfare.
3. To make NALAG ‘the People’s NALAG’ (People Centred)
4. Flow of information to Hon Members on regular basis.
5. Sub-structures would work effectively (Functionality of sub-structures).
6. To make NALAG vibrant, relevant, demand driven and not only an executive one but adaptive too.
7. There will be team work and all-inclusive governance. ‘One man show’ will be a thing of the past, God willing.
8. Watch out for NALAG TV
 NALAG is  nationwide organisation and the mouthpiece of all Local Authorities (Metropolitan, Municipal and Districts Assemblies – MMDAs) in Ghana. Foster

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