“If the gods predict a bountiful harvest,the farmer doesn’t go to sleep”-John Mahama told



Various predictions point to a win for you in the next election. But if the gods predict a bountiful harvest, the farmer does not go to sleep. In your work in this political farming season, there will be the temptation to woo voters with promises. For the next president of Ghana, however, the options are limited.

If you think this nation is in a mess, wait until you win the next election and assume office. If that happens, you will realise that Ghana is worse than we are made to believe.

Some hardened criminals in this administration are not satisfied with what they’ve looted. They’re signing deals that will keep siphoning monies from the state coffers for decades after they are off the scene.

Not only will you inherit empty coffers; you’re going to inherit huge debts, some of which have been hidden.

So, be measured in your promises. Any reasonable human being in this country knows that the next government won’t be able to do much, and will not judge your next presidency by the standards of infrastructure and other freebies.

Our nation is headed for a deadly crash unless the disastrous course is changed. If you want to leave a legacy, focus on policies that will put our democracy back on track. Focus on accountability. If the brazenness with which our republic has been raped goes unpunished, we will survive for long.

Focus on how to rein in your men and women, those who will use your presidency to loot for their political futures. Don’t make the mistake of giving sensitive positions to those who are marking their time to do worse versions of what the NPP administration has done. By now, you should know that some of your people are accomplices and will work against any attempt to give Ghanaians justice should you win the next election. Keep them at bay if you win and want to assemble your team.

You and your team should brainstorm on how to put this nation back on track if you win the next election.

Take drastic legal and constitutional reforms to save this country. If you win in 2024, you won’t have any elections to contest. You’re properly placed to make tough decisions.

Our nation needs to be reset, and if a democratic regime cannot do it, the nation will erupt in flames one day.

After an inglorious exit in 2017, you should be concerned about how to make your mark this time around. You will have a legacy to protect. And brick and mortar won’t be the benchmark against which that legacy will be measured.

It will be measured by how TOUGH you will be against those who are ruining our nation now and also against your people, some of whom are already jostling for cabinet and other positions.

By Manasseh Azure Awuni

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