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INACFOS Lauds Gov’t On Decision To Use Local Fertilizers Come 2020, Calls On Gov’t To Patronize Made In Ghana Insecticides



The International Network For Agric Career And Food Security has lauded the government of the day for It’s pronouncement to use only made in Ghana cocoa  fertilizers for cocoa products come 2020.

The team has therefore appealed to the government to consider Patronizing made in Ghana cocoa Insecticide sprays in subsequent years. 

The research team made it clear that, its  a good step government has taken and they are proud about the government for taken such an initiative.

‘But as an institution that are bent on making sure people get more employment in Ghana and also ensure there is enough food for the future, it is a step in right direction for government to decide on this course because first of all, we should know that is going to create employment for the people of Ghana and we should also know that those companies government would love to buy their products should be companies that must be own by Ghanaians, thus the owners of those companies should be an indigenous companies. We the management of International Network for Agric Career and Food Security are creating environment for people who are into Agriculture to be able to create more business opportunities so if the government decision to open opportunity for Ghanaian trust then we think this decision is something we should embark  with curiosity.’They indicated.
The research team also deemed to tell government that he should do it possible best to ensure that those companies that are own by Ghanaians have the lion’s share. The team are aware of some of the activities of some of these cocoa  Fertilizers and Insecticides.

The impact that they are making and some of  the demages some of the import infrast of these cocoa Insecticides and Fertilizers are making.

They said, It is about time Ghanaians have to believe in themselves . It is about time Ghanaians must be confident in what they have because the Chinese did not start their own businesses on a silver plater. The Americans, the Germans never started building their countries on a silver plate. They did what the research team termed ‘ try and error’ procedures and they have gotten to where they are today.’ If we don’t empower Ghanaians who are aslo making ends meet to develop Ghana’s economy then is going to bring us a tough situation. It is our request and appeal to government to make sure we promote what we have as has always been our hallmark and compaign to ensure the people of Ghana become the architect of the development of this nation. ‘They added.

“On the basis of employment, we should understand that if Ghanaian own companies employ Ghanaians and Ghanaians are being paid they will also get benefit in order to embark on economic activities. If a Ghanaian own company benefit from Ghanaian cofers, it would be preferable for them to build their infrastructural development that will speed the economic growth. If we invest our monies in companies own by the Chinese, the Syrians, Indians etc, then we aren’t helping because if a Chinese has a company producing a cocoa Insecticide product,it is not going to benefit Ghanaians so much but rather is going to benefit the foreigners. It is going to help the foreigners repatriat the Ghanaian cofers to their country.But if Ghanaians companies are giving the lion’s share, the monies will stay here.They added in a statement copied to today.

‘I know the vice president of the Republic, Alhaji Mahmud Bawumia is a economist, and he understands the direction to it. We are considering the purpose to which we have to embark upon the activity to ensure. Now we are going to send our research team out there to communicate with farmers and people who trade in Insecticide products or fertilizers and inquire their intelligence on which product is making successful impact in the life of those producing cocoa. And the result would be out anytime soon. We believe to contact extension officers to also tell us their version of this situation as to if a Ghanaian company is given the opportunity their confidence level in their products so that we can publicly inform government to make a choice, not just making a choice but a proper choice that will help to enhance the cocoa sector of the economy and also improve the use and fetch the farmers money at the end of their hard work.”

The International Network for Agric Career and Food Security has made its decision to monitor, interview and do research and assess all those companies that are manufacturing our local products to ensure that the research team advise government on which company should be given the mandate to the lion’s share.
Since there’s an ongoing COPAL COCOA DAY 2019 to celebrate the cocoa farmers for their contributions towards the development of this country.

“We are pre – informing the government of the day that we are conducting a successful survey and to monitor the activities of the farmers as to the way and manner they use cocoa Insecticide Fertilizers and see which one’s efficiency yield results to them as farmers. Because they as farmers know better to what the end results give them.
Source /Ayisah Foster

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