Insults, threats fly as Deputy Majority Whip clashes with Martin Kpebu on live TV



Alfred Ocansey, the host of TV3’s weekend current affairs program, The Big Issue had to activate a forced commercial break to save the Saturday, 15 July 2023 edition of his show from becoming an epicenter of unrestrained verbal bout after guests, Martin Kpebu, a private legal practitioner and Habib Iddrisu, Member of Parliament for Tolon Constituency and deputy majority chief whip lost their cool on the show.

It all started when Martin Kpebu cut into a delivery of Habib Iddrisu with a jab about his supposed legal battle at the Supreme Court over his eligibility to stand for elections in Ghana.

Habib Iddrisu who was defending the position of his government and the New Patriotic Party on the leaked tape that captures a senior police officer and some NPP bigwigs allegedly hatching a plot to oust the Inspector General of Police, Dr George Akuffo Dampare took umbrage with the remarks from Martin Kpebu.

After Martin Kpebu, without the permission of the show host threw the first shot “Honorable Habib, I thought you will be concerned with case against you at the Supreme Court”, the NPP MP fought back, defending his innocence that “There is no case against me”.

But Martin Kpebu appeared determined in his quest to unsettle the MP as he restated “Your eligibility. They said you are not eligible. You were convicted in Australia for something.”

The statement about the alleged conviction in Australia threw off the MP who went ballistic and issued his first threat “He has mentioned a certain statement and I’m telling you that I’m going to take action based on this record. You said I was convicted in Australia and that there is a case against me. The point is, have I been found guilty in any court of competent jurisdiction? I’m very disappointed in you. If you don’t withdraw it now, I will take action.”

But Martin Kpebu was adamant that he was on the right path. He dared the MP to “let’s go to court.

At this point, the Deputy Majority Leader had completely lost it. He fired again “You cannot sit down here and make reckless and stupid comments. To the best of my knowledge, I have not been declared guilty at any court”.

Martin Kpebu maintained that his allegations were credible and that it is trite knowledge that Habib Iddrisu was convicted in Australia. He quizzed “but it is in the public domain?”.

His question irked the MP who blurted out and demanded withdrawal and apology from Martin Kpebu.

He said “That it is in the public domain doesn’t mean that I have been convicted so you don’t sit down here and make this stupid and reckless statement. What kind of nonsense is that? Very disappointing”.

Martin Kpebu in a sarcastic tone withdrew the statement, saying “I’ve withdrawn”.

His apology did little to assuage the anger of the lawmaker who attacked again “I’m not as useless as you are”.

At this point, the show host was left with no option but to pull the brakes on the show and go on a commercial break.

Tempers looked to have settled after the break as both men apologized and withdrew their respective statements.

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