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Introduce Entrepreneurship At Early Stage Of Learning To Reduce Unemployment-Educatiomist



Mr. George Akom, Educationist and Governance Analyst has indicated that early learning in entrepreneurship will give foundation to self employment that will take the task and the burden of the government.

Interacting with the media on the assertion by Finance Minster on entrepreneurship and the government payroll saga, Mr. Akom who is also an Assistant Registrar of the Ghana Communication Technology University stated that it was a reality that the Minister gave to the graduating students , but becuase he is a politician and the Finance Minister, different interpretations have emerged from his comment.

Mr. Akom added, that entrepreneurship skills do not come in isolation, but rather happen along the exposure and growth path of the individual. To acquire such skills, you need to learn in the early stages and grow with them.

He stressed that unemployment issues are recurring as the population increases.

To reduce it, it requires a mix of interventions and policies that seek to address them hoslistically and from futuristic point of view.

It requires learning of employable knowledge and skills that could be achieved through a proper curriculum design benched on needs assessment.

He opined that teachers who are to impart these knowledge and skills must be re- trained to be equpped with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) pedagogical skill to support the training of our 21st century students.

On the part of government is to create enabling environment to support individuals, especially the teeming youth to go into self employment creation.
The private sector which is the engine of growth if properly supported could help to reduce the unemployment canker.

He concluded that the dependency on the government all the time could not be the best solution to combat the growing unemployment situation in Ghana.

He recommended that our traning institutions, both formal and informal ones should place more emphasis on technical, vocational and entrepreneurship training right from the early stages of learning.


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