I’ve repackaged, my ex-husband won’t recognise me anymore’ – Blessing CEO




Blessing CEO has  revealed that she got married at 18 but walked out of the marriage at the age of 21 because of abuse .

She stated after her marriage experience, she repackaged herself, emphasizing that her ex-husband won’t be able to recognise her anymore if he sees her.
Controversial relationship expert Blessing CEO boasts about her growth since leaving her abusive husband.

She stated that she has undergone a drastic transformation since leaving her ex-husband.

Blessing CEO revealed that she married at the age of 18 but left at the age of 21 due to domestic violence.

Blessing CEO
The relationship expert stated that following her unpleasant marriage experience, she repackaged herself, stressing that her ex-husband would no longer recognize her.

In the most recent episode of her television show, ‘Moments With Blessing CEO,’ she stated:

“I married at the age of 18, I divorced at the age of 21. Na man show me shege so I had to repackage myself and change my name from Blessing Nkiruka to Blessing CEO.

“If my ex-husband sees me now, he won’t be able to recognise me. Because that woman he married before is not the woman he is seeing now.”

She stated that marriage is difficult and that it is better to walk away than to remain in a bad marriage.

In a new video, shared on her official Instagram page, blessing CEO embarked on a spiritual journey to visit the revered Goddess of 7 rivers, armed with a sacrifice.

She thanked the goddess, stating that it is her root and culture, and recounted how people had tried to hurt her but it was returned back to them.

She wrote in another post that, following church visit for crossover, she left to the shrine, then proceeds to the river before applying the law.

Blessing CEO made a vow not to let anyone overrule her, using the new year’s lingo, ‘no gree for anybody’.

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