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Kwabena Agyepong declares a new dawn, new direction for Ghana



Mr.Kwabena Agyei Agyepong, a flagbearer hopeful of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has declared that Ghana is ready for a new dawn, a new dimension and a new direction.

Speaking to the NPP Regional Executive Committee of the Oti Region at Dambai, the former General Secretary of the NPP declared that, “he is on a passionate redemption mission to create a critical mass of patriots needed to generate the momentum required to cause a seismic shift in the thinking and orientation of what public service and party politics should mean to politicians, political appointees, civic servants and all Ghanaians.”

Mr.Agyepong stressed that Ghana needed a new direction, capable leadership that genuinely puts people before politics and inspires hope for a better future.

He maintained that it was high time leaders moved on from the old history of preparing the future for the youth and focused on preparing the youth for the future by involving them in the conversation.

He envisioned a new Ghana led by a generational leader who was compassionate, competent, results driven, and courageous for a new Ghana that inspires Ghanaians, set on discipline and democracy, that would lead many fronts as a regional example.

Mr.Agyepong told the Ghana News Agency (GNA), that would create a broad coalition of patriots and willing to help mobilize grassroots support to rescue Ghana and restore our cherished values of service, sacrifice and selflessness in our body politics.

He assured citizens that through hard work the NPP would win the hearts and minds of Ghanaians and obtain a historic third term in the general election of 2024.

He added, “we have a sacred duty to recalibrate and reawaken all Ghanaians and set us on a path to deliver meaningful progress and prosperity to our long suffering and underserved population.’

Mr Agyepong assured to establish a government where the public purse would be guarded judiciously and used to support the people of Ghana.

He stressed that, we should always work within our means to avoid the economic excesses that have landed Ghana in its current economic turmoil.

He promised that under his leadership, he would eliminate frivolous spending and luxuries and ensure proper deployment of the nation’s resources.

He again promised the delegates that he would run a transparent and accountable government when given the nod to service the country.

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