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Kwabena Owusu Aduomi Poised To Lead NPP In  Ashanti Region As Chairman

Former Member of parliament of Ejisu constituency in the Ashanti Region ,Hon.Kwabena Owusu Aduomi is Poised to lead NPP as the Ashanti regional chairman to election 2024.
The former deputy minister of Roads and Highways who served as an MP from 2008 to 2020 has explained the reasons why he is contesting the Chairmanship race in the region.
According to Hon.Aduomi ,he is ready to support the region to break the eight year record in politics come election 2024.
He maintained that, he will support those at the grassroot and ensure that NPP wins power in election 2024.
Mr.Aduomi noted that if you have the influence to support your people or promote developmental agenda in your Region, Constituency or community ,you don’t have to wait to become a Member of Parliament or occupy a position before you help out,the is the need for you to do it now ,that’s why he had already put up measures to ensure the Region is supported while he is not in power.

He said he has  made a promise to his  people of Ejisu Constituency and shall make sure he fulfils every bit of the promise he made.

Hon. Aduomi is very humble, a unifier and hardworking who upholds the values of his party (NPP) at constituency, Regional and at the national level.
He understands the plight of the grassroots which is the base of the party and sometimes their complaints are genuine which the party must listen to them.
 Hon.Owusu Aduomi’s  main focus is to ensure that the party’s base which is the grassroot  is strengthened as well as the communicators which will propagate the good works of this government especially when their focus is to break the eight(8) jinx.
Mr.Aduomi is  saying, any successive flagbearer of the Party will campaign on the achievements of the Nana Akufo Addo/Bawumiah government therefore the party communicators from the National, Regional and Constituencies levels to local must be resourced and that is mainly his focus.

You will recall that prior to the 2020 NPP parliamentary  primaries, Mr.Aduomi went to  various townships and communities and promised that he would make sure he  gets all the main roads in the Constituency tarred.

Although, he could not get the opportunity to represent his people in parliament this term, that will not deter him to honor every promise made to his good people.

Mr.Aduomi  respects his people, and would never  take  them for granted.

He said, they’ve supported him through out these years, and he feels its appropriate to do all in his capacity to put smiles on their faces that’s why he wants to lead the region to ensure that all promises are fulfilled .

Not only will he tar the major roads, he has also lobbied for a 4km stretch of asphalt overlay and would spread this through out the Constituency which he thinks will fetch a lot of developmenal projects in the Ashanti Region when he wins power as the Regional chairman.

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