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Lawyer Edward Kofi Osei eulogizes  General Secretary of NPP , his team for a successful election at Kumawu



Lawyer Edward Kofi Osei eulogizes the General Secretary of NPP and his team for a successful election at Kumawu.
Lawyer Edward Kofi Osei, yesterday, on the Wontumi TV Morning Show, threw heaps of praises on the General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party, Lawyer Justin Frimpong Kodua (JFK) and the Elections Committee and it’s chairman, Danquah Smith Buttey, for conducting a free and fair elections at Kumawu.
He opined that the just ended Primaries at Kumawu Constituency, to select the NPP parliamentary candidate for the by-elections, was well organized and successful. He attributed the success of the elections to the party authorities, especially the general secretary, for spearheading a free, fair and transparent elections in the constituency.
Lawyer Osei unequivocally said the commitment and confidence the people of Kumawu have developed for the NPP is incredible. The roads, hospitals and other essential projects, that the government had embarked on and are near completion, had increased the commitment level and desire of the people in Kumawu to vote massively for the NPP.
Lawyer Osei, moreover, said he could see the constituents were clearly excited when Mr. Ernest Yaw Amin was declared the winner in the primaries.
Lawyer Osei also seized the opportunity to thanked all the delegates and congratulated the other aspirates who competed in the primaries, for their hard work and their messages of unity.
Lawyer Osei, furthermore, said he believed all the aspirants will continue to work together as a team, with one goal and focus, to make sure the NPP maximizes their votes in the upcoming by election
“ I created, sacrificed and spearheaded the ‘Unity for Development Campaign’ at the constituency, and I believe we will all contribute to that theme of unity, to bring victory to our parliamentary aspirant and the NPP.”
When Oheneba, the host for the Show, asked Lawyer Osei about the possible threat resulting from the candidature of the Independent Candidate, Lawyer Osei responded that, he was going to have a private conversation with the independent candidate because he knows him, as he is also a diasporan who once lived in the United States. Following my private conversation with him, we will have further engagement with him involving the Regional Chairman and possibly Jubilee House. However, if all attempts to dissuade him from running as an independent candidate fail, then we will surely compete with him in the byelections and beat him hands down.
Ohenaba then asked Lawyer Osei how come he was cheered widely when he entered the voting grounds, and above all how come he was carried shoulders high when the winner was declared. Lawyer Osei response was, ” I sacrificed and changed the face of delegates elections in the Kumawu constituency. When I came to the constituency, I made sure there was free and fair and credible delegates album, to choose the right Parliamentary candidate for the constituency. I developed a relationship with the delegates based on mutual support, respect and trust. Indeed, I am confident that, had I taken part in the primaries, I would have won the contest by more than 70%, because the delegates knew the enormous costs, sacrifices and other contributions, I have made for them over the years”.
“My withdrawal from the primaries, when I had clearly the law on my side, was intended to bring peace and calmness to the national party, and above all development to the people in Kumawu constituency. Now the people and party members in Kumawu see me as the NPP godfather for the constituency and I am definitely going to be a father to all.”
“I appreciate the respect and honor the delegates accord me during the primaries, and I have assured them I will continue to be there for them.” “God will surely continue to protect and bless our dear party NPP, and the people of the Sekyere Kumawu District”


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