Leadership by example: Senior prefect of TTI urges new prefects to prioritize students welfare



The outgoing Senior Prefect of the Tamale Technical Institute (TTI) and Vice President of DASA, Mr. Ibrahim Alhassan has congratulated the newly elected prefects of the school.

In an interaction with the new prefects, he advised them to prioritize the welfare of students and the growth of the Institute.

He urged them to continue with his legacy by creating a loving and kind environment to enhance togetherness and respect for all.

Mr. Ibrahim expressed confident in the new leadership, urging them to remain resolute and united behind the school management to achieve academic excellence.

According to him his three years stay in the Institute have been impactful and helpful to his growth, adding that “I have become a lot more confident and comfortable with myself”.

“To me the first and possibly most important part of leadership is believing that you can do whatever it is that you trying to. Even if you only believe there is a small chance of achieving your goal, trusting that you can do it is so important. The attitude that you enter a project with will not just impact the outcome but also how the people around you will work, and it all starts with believing that somehow you will be able to do it – maybe not the way you initially thought but somehow

This is something I have worked on a lot as Senior Prefect and I hope that this idea is something that will help some of you in the future” Mr. Ibrahim advised.

He wished the new prefect and his team the best of luck, “I am sure they’ll will do an incredible job just like we have done, my doors will be open to them for assistance”.

Mr. Ibrahim thanked the school management and his colleagues prefects for the support they have given and all the great work.

“Though I encountered few fallouts, but due to the support and guidance of my teachers, housemasters, colleague prefects and the school principal I have been able to make a mark as students leader, I would love to say a huge thank you”.

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