Let’s support Gov’t to reduce unemployment-Mr Afrifa Tells Philanthropists



The Chief Executive Officer for Ushering AE Agency, Mr Ernest Afrifa has admonished Philanthropists in the country to support the Ghana government to create more job avenues to reduce the tendency of unemployment rate which he described as the major challenge in Ghana.

According to him, creating more jobs in the country will help the youth who are the driving force for change to get employment to reduce the burden of their families.

Disclosing at the Unveiling of his Business(Ushering AE Agency), he said, unemployment rate in the country is much higher especially the youth in the country.

Speaking to the Media, Mr Afrifa appealed to Ghanaians who are financially sound to support the youth in the Country by providing financial assistance,give them vocational skills and marketing strategies to better their lives so that they can take care of themselves and their poor families.

He the forgoing character will help to increase future productivity and socio-economic transformation of the country.

He therefore applauded Rev Prophet James Donkor , Headpastor of Heaven First Ministry for his encouragement and support and everyone who has played a major role towards the success in his life


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