LGBTQ+ activist escapes lynching by angry youth



By Eric Ahenkorah

Youth numbering about fifty besieged the residence of an LGBTQ+ activist by name Salim Fari Yakubu with the aim of lynching him.

They argued that, his activism and promotion of LGBTQ+ activities and practices in the country is affront to the customs, traditions and values of African people and culture.

It was their views that ,Salim’s activities in promoting and supporting LGBTQ+ activities will corrupt the social and moral fabrics of the community.

They said ,being a Muslim, Salim ought to know better that Islam frowns upon the practices of LGBTQ+.

According to them, they have warned him on several occasions through sms , voice notes and other means to desist from supporting and promoting LGBTQ+ activities but failed to adhere to their warnings, therefore they have no other option than to lynch him , one of the youth emphasised.

An eye witness told this reporter that, Salim escaped from lynching by the streak of good luck or else we would have seen his lifeless body because the youth came with several offensive weapons which could be detrimental to the life of the alleged LGBTQ+ activist.

Our independent checks revealed that Salim has been undertaken, promoting and supporting the rights of LQBTQ+ communities in the country and this is what is courting hatred for himself which nearly resulted in him losing his life through mob attack.

The reporter having heard of this story contacted the alleged activist in his hideout and he confirmed to
him that he was able to escape by sheer luck, even though he is not willing to disclose his hideout to us for fear that his hideout will be disclosed to the youth for further attackso.

We asked him whether he was able to make a report to the police and he disclosed to us that when he started receiving threats through sms and voice notes, he made a report to the local police station but there were no protection or help from the police .

He alleged that one of the police officers in a private discussion advised him to either stop his activism or relocate to a different geographical area because the police may not be able to offer him the needed support because the LGBTQ+ bill in Parliament has emboldened the Youth in the country against LGBTQ+ Communities.

We will continue to monitor his situation and report further developments.

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