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Mahama’s running mate is from the Ashanti region


Following the announcement that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is set to announce the running mate for its flag bearer, John Damani Mahama ahead of the 2020 elections in May, Television broadcaster, Paul Adom-Otchere has hinted that the person to be named hails from the Ashanti Region.

According to him, after several meetings between the NDC’s flagbearer and the founder of the party, Jerry John Rawlings, it has been decided that someone who comes from the Ashanti region would be selected.

This plan, Paul believes, when adhered will garner the support of the founder as well as help in the campaign towards the elections.

“We suspect that if J.J Rawlings is thinking about a running mate for John Mahama, giving that John Mahama comes from the North and he’s thinking about a running mate from the south, we think JJ will point him…directly to the Ashanti Region,” he said on his TV show Good Evening Ghana.

He asserted that the reason for the delay in the announcement of Mahama’s running mate was because both Mahama and Rawlings were in talks to select the ‘right’ person from the Ashanti region with integrity.

“We think John Mahama is having conversations with Rawlings and the conversations have not ended conclusively and that is why this conversation has delayed. We think that what is conclusive about their conversation is that they’ll go to Ashanti region, and the criteria that Rawlings has put on the table for the running mate that he would support is a criterion called integrity.”

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