Man in uniform stabs, assaults Bolt driver for questioning careless driver in traffic



For daring to question another driver on what he perceived to be careless driving in traffic, an Accra driver with the ride-hailing app Bolt, had to be resuscitated in hospital after he was beaten by a man dressed like a soldier who was sitting in the vehicle said to have done the wrongful overtaking.

The Bolt driver bled after the assault, losing a considerable amount of blood.

When he was resuscitated in a nearby hospital, the medical personnel detected that he was stabbed in addition to the slaps to the face and the punches to the abdomen and other parts of the body.

The man suspected to be a soldier was in the four-wheel vehicle that reportedly did a wrongful overtaken and crossed the Bolt driver’s car.

That nearly reportedly resulted in an accident.

When they arrived at the next traffic stop, the Bolt driver, who was not happy with what happened allegedly confronted the driver of the four-wheel vehicle and asked him to use his traffic indicators when overtaking and crossing others.

Unknown to the Bolt driver, there was a soldier in the said four-wheel vehicle, who was not enthused with the admonishment from the Bolt driver.

The man in uniform got out of the four-wheel vehicle, pull the Bolt driver out, reportedly stabbed him on the head before subjecting him to severe beatings.

The victim was rushed to the Deseret Hospital at Santa Maria in Accra where he was revived by a team of medical officers.

A passenger in the Bolt, Michelle Frimpong, in a radio interview with Accra-based Citi FM narrated what she saw: “There was this 4×4 that was behind us, and he did a wrongful overtaking and got in the middle of the road. So then it was too obvious, either we skid off the road or we allow him to use his car to scratch our car. Then the bolt driver stretched out his hand and touched the back of his car. And we said that if you wanted a way, show a traffic indicator and don’t do a wrongful overtaking.”

“So just a few minutes, we saw that they had come to park in front of our car. Then this man came down, opened the door of our car and pulled the bolt driver out of the car. Then the soldier guy came out of the car pulled him back and closed the car. So it was the people around who said that he was stabbed so when I got out of the passenger’s side I realised blood oozing out of his head. So we had to rush him to the hospital.”

credit: Citifmonline

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