My Lecturer Invited Me To His House Only To Finger Me – Level 100 Legon Student Exposes Lecturer



In a shocking revelation on social media, an anonymous Level 100 student at the University of Ghana, Legon disclosed a distressing incident involving her lecturer.
According to her account, the lecturer had been giving her strange looks during class sessions, and this behaviour persisted over time. Eventually, he managed to obtain her phone number through a mutual acquaintance.
One day, while resting in her hostel, she received a call from an unfamiliar number, and to her surprise, it was the lecturer asking her to come to his house for personal studies. Feeling uneasy but unsure how to decline, she decided to comply and hurriedly went to his place.
Once they began studying, the situation took an alarming turn when she noticed the lecturer gazing at her breasts with a lustful expression. Before she knew it, he started kissing her without her consent.
Feeling trapped and unable to react, the student helplessly endured the uncomfortable situation as the lecturer proceeded to make inappropriate advances, including putting his hand under her skirt and engaging in unwanted sexual activity.
The student expressed her powerlessness, unable to assert herself or prevent the assault from occurring. This deeply unsettling experience has left her traumatized and seeking support and understanding from the public.

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