NASPA holds mini Congress to roll-out important Projects



The Ghana National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) , an Association under the Ghana National Service Scheme has held a mini congress in Sunyani,the Bono regional capital to discuss about seven very important Projects.

The Association during the Congress discussed about the need to construct one Bore hole in all the sixteen regions.

The Association is also to create offices for the six additional newly created regions across Ghana.

Renovation of NASPA offices,
Job fair summits at every region,
NASPA entrepreneurship Hub( support funds),Less endowed projects and
NASPA toll free calls ,among others were some key projects that were discussed.

Another projects discussed at the event included the following;Food bank,acquisition of Ezwich machines for some deprived communities and
Sanitary pad donation.

The Congress was under the theme : Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders; Building a Strong Nation Together .

Below is the report on the mini Congress from the Glamosay Hotel, Sunyani .


1.0 Executive Summary
The NASPA Mini Congress held at Glamosay Hotel in Sunyani as NASPA-Brong Ahafo Chapter been the host Region under the theme “Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders; Building a Strong Nation Together” was a resounding success in its mission to cultivate effective leadership skills and promote collaborative efforts for national advancement.

The event featured engaging keynote addresses, thought-provoking panel discussions, fruitful networking sessions, and a celebratory cultural showcase.

Attendees were inspired by insights from prominent speakers and established valuable connections.

The congress underscored the vital role of ethical leadership, innovation, community engagement, and sustainability in shaping a prosperous future.

The shared commitment to nurturing capable leaders and fostering unity served as a powerful reminder that a strong nation is built upon the foundation of empowered individuals working together.

The NASPA Mini Congress marked an important turning point in the effort to develop the leaders of tomorrow and cultivate the spirit of cooperation required for fostering a nation.

The event, with the theme “Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders; Building a Strong Nation Together,” brought together visionaries, professionals, and young people to discuss the crucial relationship between developing leaders and building a strong, resilient country.

The congress sought to spark debate, share knowledge, and plant the seeds of group action against the backdrop of a changing global scene, resonating with the conviction that strong leadership and solid relationships are the cornerstones of a vibrant and united country.

The congress had Mrs. Gifty Oware-Mensah (Deputy Executive Director of NSS, General Services), Mr. Kwaku Ohene Djan ( Deputy Executive Director of NSS, Operations), Hon. Ansu Kumi (MCE, Sunyani Municipal), Hon. Kwesi Ameyaw Cheremeh MP, Sunyani East, Mr. Robert Baidoo ( Bono Regional NSS Director), Hon. Gideon Osei (NASPA National President) as guests and Hon. Osei Assibey Antwi as guest of honor. The Bono regional minister Hon. Justina Owusu-Banahene was the chairperson of the event and Dr. Fred Kyei Asamoah was the keynote speaker.


1.1 Day 1: Setting the Stage
Friday 25th of August, 2023 was the first day of the congress focused on setting the stage for the discussions ahead. The event kicked off with an opening ceremony featuring speeches by the Bono Ahafo regional NASPA President and National President for the association.

The speakers emphasized the importance of the event and fostering a sense of unity and collaboration to build a stronger nation. The General Secretary for the association briefed the house on the interventions and standing orders to be used throughout the event.

1.1.1 Key highlights of Day 1
1. Welcome address by the Brong Ahafo President, introducing the theme and objectives of the congress.
2. Keynote speech on the role of youth in nation-building and the significance of effective leadership.
3. Explanation of Interventions and Standing orders

1.2 Day 2: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders
The second day delved deeper into the theme of empowering young leaders. It featured interactive sessions designed to equip participants with practical skills and knowledge necessary for effective leadership. These sessions included speech by keynote speaker and 2nd preliminary sitting.

2.0 Key highlights of Day 2
Keynote Addresses:
The congress commenced with a thought-provoking keynote address by Dr. Fred Kyei Asamoah, a distinguished expert in leadership and nation-building and Director General, Commission for Technical and vocational Education and Training (CTVET). The speaker emphasized the need for visionary leadership that prioritizes ethical values, inclusivity, and innovation.

Dr. Fred punctuate that a strong nation is built on the foundation of capable and principled leaders who are committed to the greater good. He educated executives present at the meeting on the need to be ready for the industry.

Re-training ourselves and embracing the new reforms in the society is the way to go. National Service personnel must embrace the opportunity to change the job market in the society.

A speech was given by Nana Sumankwaah hene of Sunyani Traditional Council.

He touched on the importance of National Service and how we are part of developmental pillars in the region. He enlightened the youth to work hard to achieve our purpose in life. With his Twi proverb “fo wo bottom hye wo trim” he ended his speech. Representative from Bono regional education director was there to grace the event.

State of NASPA address was read by guest of honor, H.E Gideon Osei the National President of Naspa as he enlightened the house on the current state of the association and encourage members present to support him fully for successful running of his administration. He mentioned few achievements of the association at his tenure of office.

2.1 Panel Discussions
A series of dynamic panel discussions formed the core of the congress. The National Executives and thought leaders from various regions engaged in dialogues on diverse subjects. Panels explored topics such as “Engagements of action plans for the year,” “Discussion on NASPA week celebrations,” “Presentation of regional reports,” and” Appointment of various national officers” The discussions delved into the challenges, opportunities, and strategies for effective leadership in each of these domains.

2.2 Networking Opportunities
The congress provided a conducive environment for networking among participants. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with other executives, peers, and professionals who shared similar aspirations. The networking sessions enabled the exchange of ideas, experiences, and contacts, fostering potential collaborations and partnerships that could have a lasting impact on future endeavors.



The 3-day NASPA Mini Congress achieved several outcomes, including:
1. Enhanced awareness and understanding of effective leadership practices among participants.
2. Strengthened networks and collaborations among youth leaders, educators, and professionals.
3. Development of action plans for youth-led initiatives focusing on NASPA
4. Increased motivation and empowerment among participants to actively contribute to the nation’s progress.

In conclusion, the NASPA Mini Congress marked a resounding success, encapsulating the essence of the theme, “Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders; Building a Strong Nation Together.” This transformative event brought together youth leaders, educators, and professionals in a unified pursuit of fostering leadership, empowerment, and nation-building. It reignited a collective commitment to nurturing young leaders who will steer the nation towards prosperity and unity. As participants departed with a heightened sense of purpose, the ripples of the congress were destined to touch all service personnel and institutions, thus manifesting the vision of a harmonious, empowered, and robustly united nation. The congress’s impact will reverberate as these empowered leaders work collectively to build a strong nation through NASPA, today and in the years to come. Foster

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